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    forgot to add when i go to settinging to activate the key code it says it's activated

    BEEN TRYING TO GET INTO COD4 BUT IT KEEP SAYING AWAITING KEY CODE ACTIVATION. I CAN'T EVEN LOG INTO xfire i tried uninstalling it and it still doing same thing. why is that?
  3. I NEED HELP!!

    I had to format my drive cause I changed motherboards and I started playing cod4 yesterday and got to like lev 20 and everything was fine till I just rebooted and now I was reset im back to lev 1 why is that
  4. i keep getting this error now how do i fix
  5. please help

    update i go to play cod4 single player and it keeps telling me to insert the correct dvd rom and i know the dvd works cause it plays and when i click single player then i get that pop up. and when i go to play wolfenstien single player it lets me in and when i select the dificalty and it go's to the next screen it freezes
  6. please help

    idk for some reason wolfenstien sigle player and cod4 sigle player both not working i can only use multiplayer on both why is that. i tryed to uninstall and reinstall but still don't work please help
  7. sorry for not being active

    guys sorry i have not been very active real life hitting me pritty hard. but i do manage to play ET and cod4 for like 5min aday
  8. the single player version has not working since i installed enemy territory. it gets to were the game loads after i pick the level i wanna play at and then dose not load into the game. it's not freezing cause i can still move the mouse and hear the music. what can be the problem?
  9. Can someone explain Enemy Territory to me

    kk thanks for the the info was very helpfull
  10. Can someone explain Enemy Territory to me

    Thanks for that info but idk if i ever picked a class i just log on and play and select what team and weapon i want
  11. im still trying to figure out ET 1. im shooting people and hitting them and i waist a whole clip. but when i get hit i die in like 3 shot 2. i see people with better weapons and when i kill them i try to pick the weapon up and won't let me. So how do i get the new weapons if there are any 3. And dose your in game xp have anything to do with your HP and getting more powerful weapons
  12. Playing ET

    this is what im getting now error10.bmp
  13. Playing ET

    this is that new command you gave me chunk error9.bmp
  14. Playing ET

    this is what i get error8.bmp
  15. Playing ET

    ok i think it worked and i typed cl_guid and i did not get my numbers error7.bmp