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  1. News Happy Birthday Fearless Assassins

    Feliz cumpleaños FAmilia, this clan is great because is full of great people!!
  2. Other Congratz to our new Co leader !

    United is a great guy!! Congratz amigo!!
  3. FireInTheHole

    Welcome man to our forums, see you soon on silent
  4. Top 10 best fraggers on silent1 :D

    But for me the best players in silent1 is Scoop and Raider, they was awesome!! After me, of course
  5. Kickbots on Silent server

    ll do it. thanks!
  6. Kickbots on Silent server

    Sometimes bots are useless, like in bremen, bots stay in the first spawn the whole map! , but D.X said that wont happend our leader say no!
  7. SL!msta_ finally registered!

    We should remember this day for ever ajaja, welcome to our forum man!! Very good to see u here
  8. Selfkill Under Fire

    ahahahaha thats absolutly true! I feel bad for that player who runs for revive me jajaja
  9. Selfkill Under Fire

    I use Selfkill when spawntimer is almost in 0, i dont care if my enemy lost the kill i just dont wanna lose a whole spawn waiting for a medic.
  10. thanks for your comments, yes im a happy guy. ESTOY AGRADECIDO DE LA VIDA
  11. I edit this video 2 days ago. Its a gift for my girlfriend (Almost two years in love :3 ) Name: Recuerdos (Remembers) Software used: Virtualdub - Adobe After effects CS5 Codec ID/Hint : XviD Duration : 2mn 15s Bit rate : 6 661 Kbps Width : 1 920 pixels Height : 1 080 pixels Radio Aspecto : 16:9 Bit depth: 8 bits Size file: 111mb I edit the video with a template and the file size was 19.5 gb, of course i compress the video using Virtual dub and finally how u can see the file size is 111 mb Hope u like, i just want to share good memories with my FAmily!
  12. A que eres alergico?

    Soy alérgico a caída en volcanes activos. JAJAJAJA