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  1. Feliz cumpleaños FAmilia, this clan is great because is full of great people!!
  2. United is a great guy!! Congratz amigo!!
  3. I wish you guys a great 2017!!!!! :)

  4. f***, i miss u FAmily!!! :(

    1. RedBaird


      Come back to us, Oh Stranger in the Night!

    2. Mr.Vegeta


      Come back Fed we need you <3

  5. 5 Jun 2012 i became a member of FA, 4 years here! Definetly a awesome adventure! :)

    1. (FORCE)


      Four glorious years! Nice man! Congratz & may the adventure continue! :>

    2. bo0m


      Hmm on august 2nd will be my first year joining fa. Well i left two times. You can'tbeat that xD

  6. f***, a miss my FAmily! :( A big hug to everyone!!

    1. (FORCE)


      Miss ya too bro! :>

    2. Dovaah


      See you soon mate !

    3. bo0m


      Hugs & kisses m8

  7. My house is under construction, cannot play as always i do :(

    1. Dovaah


      Your second house will be waiting for your come back then !

  8. Welcome man to our forums, see you soon on silent
  9. Have a great week dear family! :) best wishes to all!

    1. RedBaird


      Thank you mucho, and the same and even more to YOU! :D

  10. But for me the best players in silent1 is Scoop and Raider, they was awesome!! After me, of course
  11. A few days ago, i have a ugly day! I come back home, turn on the notebook, join in silent1 and after 1 hour playing i forgot all the shit of that day. This kind of reasons make be wants to be part of this family!

    1. RedBaird


      You are definite One Of Us! :D Just don't stay up tooo late! :)

    2. Raskin


      escaping reality..

  12. Sometimes bots are useless, like in bremen, bots stay in the first spawn the whole map! , but D.X said that wont happend our leader say no!
  13. We should remember this day for ever ajaja, welcome to our forum man!! Very good to see u here