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  1. Thank you all for the wishes !
  2. Greetings again to all of you! Maybe you forgot about me, how i used to shine on the servers, how i used to "murder" everyone on the servers, how WE used to have fun on the servers. Maybe you don't recognize me cuz all of this rust over me. I fell so hard that even 'Fullmonty' laughs at me. But i see a light at the end of the tunnel, a spark inside that is ready to burst... could it be.... So this is Stewark (hope =F|A=Stewark, but after all of this inactivity...we'll see). Maybe some of you remember me, i hope you do cuz i DO, maybe some say "who TF is this guy?!", but we'll get to know eachother. Indeed it has been a long time of inactivity from me since i am making a career for myself with studies, jobs, tasks etc., but i came today on the servers and felt a joy that i have never felt, well since i was a very active little 'fearless assassin'. Im not saying i'll be the most active guy, but i will try to both here and the servers, mostly S3 and S1. So thats it! I'M BACK bitches ( ) for these couple of days, weeks... we'll see. Looking forward to meet you again and have some fun!
  3. Stewark


    I am really glad PSV has done it and took the silverware.They have a strong team and i wish to see them do good in UCL. Despite that i'm just glat the Eredivisie title does not go to Amsterdam, again .
  4. Yes, no doubt a true legend for Arsenal
  5. Before the draw there was a picture going around on the internet of 3 lions which represented Real, Barca and Bayern watching and preparing to hunt a zebra as Juventus.I would very much like to see a picture where the zebra chases the lions lol. After the Berlin final.
  6. Stewark


    Hello, my name is Alex and i hope to see you on jay1 as well.Nice to see you here, welcome!
  7. Hello Risto the military guy/ arty guy.Nice to have you back here.I dont know why, but i can't get pissed off by your gaming style lol Cya on jay1(gogogo Gareth Bale)
  8. Stewark


    Hi naddi... I have seen you around on et for a few years now.Nice to see you here as well, app too
  9. Hey Cookie.Met you on jay1. Welcome to the forums . Enjoy ^^
  10. G'day to you too mr. Legbar. Welcome to the forums as well
  11. Hey M'Bokolo nice to finally see you here. I'm glad you took my advice.... I hope you have a nice time on the forums too | enjoy
  12. Hello Mr.Joint from Brazil ... welcome on the forums as well. Have fun
  13. Hello Jere.Saw you on jay1, nice to see you on the forums as well. Welcome .... and im sure going to the ladies room was no accident LOL
  14. Hello Felipe, welcome... enjoy!
  15. Hello Bapt ... i welcome you. Dont worry about your english you will learn plenty with the forum and the game

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