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  1. During the festival pinkpop in the netherlands there was a big meteor to be seen during the concert source of video: Rtl nieuws
  2. im not sure if this award still is valid i posted here a week ago orso too but i still haven't got it either
  3. 2nd match today decided in the extra time hopefully the next 1 will be better
  4. the correct section is here and below you see how to file a proper admin abuse topic: https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/71-admin-abuse/ If you feel any admin i.e. member of our community or regular is abusing his level/command for bla bla bla reason then give us below info by creating new topic. Game: Server IP: Server Name: Name/Alias of admin: Your in-game name: Appx Date and Time: Any proof? SS or Demo (Must): Reason: Note: 1. Remember in the end it's just a fun e-game which we all play together to have fun. Don't be too serious for e-games. 2. All spamming or bitching post for no reason will be deleted without any prior notice. 3. Make sure you have submitted your GUID in your profile so we can easily investigate logs. Read here how to do it: https://fearless-assassins.com/tutorials/article/142-how-to-submit-your-guid-with-pics/ All complains without proof i.e. screenshot or demo will be deleted without any prior notice or solution. Failure to provide above info and especially note #3, will result in no action or investigation and topic being closed immediately.
  5. it is just re added jay3 the regular players about the half of them are playing mostly with it removing it would mean most of these players leaving. becides that jay3 is fast gaming double jump adre its already far more difficult then other mods mainly due the speed. another thing is players with a bit less skills rely on these knifes to kill the better players same for heavy weapons. removing poison knifes only will result in less players and making it more easy for mainly raters or better players. in jay2 it's i believe removed so if people really dont like it they can visit jay2
  6. hmm i just was making a tosti
  7. Holland isnt even a country nub

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