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  1. Camper my name

    oookkkkyyy ive never saw this bevore and it looks like it would not be good xD
  2. Camper my name

    heyhey @joske what do you mean if you say: you live in beer?
  3. Camper my name

    thank you all! i hope i have a good time here
  4. ET: Map Goldrush London

    im looking forward to play on this map i never saw fog in et thats awesome!
  5. Camper my name

    Good evening, Camper Elite is my name but i try to camp rare as possible (i think i never camp). I am 19 years old live in Bavaria. I play football go to shooting with air rifel. I go every day to work and im a farmer I just play on NoQ1 cause i like the guys there and its fun to play there. If you have questions ask me. regards your Camper Elite PS: Anyone who finds typos can keep them
  6. your old game names since u began to play ET

    First there was Hermo, |B1D| Hermo and then i changed to Camper Elite
  7. I want to be =F|A= member in your NQ 2.55 server

    Now i understand! Thanks then i try to give good arguments
  8. I want to be =F|A= member in your NQ 2.55 server

    sry ginger i dont understand what is 20 post count?
  9. Good evening comrades, i`ve played since a few weeks on =F|A= NG 2.55 Server. so i want to get a admin levl please my xp state is 23000 and im not the badest ET player thanks for your attention and have a good night Sincerly, Camper Elite