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    ET - pool - swimming - and family time with my children
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  1. Where are you going to spend your christmas?

    At my Girl friend's mom's house she's cooking us dinner then round to my mom's for a buffie later on in the day then back home to PARTY ONNN !! let the good times role Christmas time the best excuse for a piss up xD
  2. What song are you listening to right now?

    At the min i have a couple in my playlist you will have to forgive my taste in music but i like every think xD anyhow - rammstien fuer frie - nightwish nemo/other the hills and far away - enya ameno - Pendulum fasten your seat belt - and ofc ACDC TNT
  3. Hello Dude's / Dudet's

    Hey guy's how is everybody ? anyways just posted topic to say hi and basically tell yall a lil about my self. My name is Dean and i love to play W:ET no.quater server my in game name is 'H'otHead im not a amazing player but also not too bad. Other games i play are knight online - and Track Mania nations and there you go there is a lil about me if u wanna no more just ask . take care all !!! Have fun