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  1. Happy Birthday 'H'otHead!

  2. happy bday, maybe we see us on nq1 again some day some time

  3. At my Girl friend's mom's house she's cooking us dinner then round to my mom's for a buffie later on in the day then back home to PARTY ONNN !! let the good times role Christmas time the best excuse for a piss up xD
  4. At the min i have a couple in my playlist you will have to forgive my taste in music but i like every think xD anyhow - rammstien fuer frie - nightwish nemo/other the hills and far away - enya ameno - Pendulum fasten your seat belt - and ofc ACDC TNT
  5. Hey guy's how is everybody ? anyways just posted topic to say hi and basically tell yall a lil about my self. My name is Dean and i love to play W:ET no.quater server my in game name is 'H'otHead im not a amazing player but also not too bad. Other games i play are knight online - and Track Mania nations and there you go there is a lil about me if u wanna no more just ask . take care all !!! Have fun

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