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  1. No longer playing on Silent #1 because of "Sleestak" and it being perfectly acceptable for them to screw over whichever team they join by taking up a spot and handicapping them by screwing around entire maps.

    Examples of some screwing around include:
    - parking prone in an out-of-the-way spot and moving his mouse a touch every little while to prevent being auto-moved to spectator
    - laying on a bed on river port staring at teammates spawning through binoculars
    - walking around (literally) knifing chairs, teammates, walls and throwing knives at various objects
    - sitting as a mortar and mortaring old areas of maps or even his own team's spawn (no friendly fire on that server)

    - doing all of this and more for entire maps over and over
    - tons of other things, all of which have been pointed out to admins on the server and nothing is done about it as they say it's no problem

    1. Cit0


      Thank you for brining this to our attention, for I to have seen more of this type of Trolling going on lately whenever I have logged on which has been very little lately. It’s to bad folk don’t spend more time improving themselves instead of trying to make problems for others wasting both parties time gaining nothing but annoyance to admins which is in the end the goal at hand.  The immaturity of full grown adults just baffles me at times. 


      That being said, I must inform you that this complaint should have been posted in this section here along with a demo showing this occurrence 




      Well stated by the way

    2. StinVec


      Thank you for your thoughts and observations on this, Cit0. I honestly did not expect this status feed on my profile to ever really be viewed by anyone, so your comment was a bit surprising to see so soon after my making it. I now see that there has been a sudden influx of players looking at my profile, so I was clearly mistaken in thinking that it being viewed by anyone would be an unlikely occurrence.

      As for the content of my status message, I primarily wanted to get a brief summary of my thoughts on the matter written down after witnessing the frustrating occurrence once again on the server that finally led to my deciding to avoid the server entirely if they are on (which they are on a lot, so I would essentially not be returning to that server again). If I am able to bring myself to join the server again in the near future in order to get video footage of the occurrence I reference, I would have my thoughts on the matter readily available to me already on this site to use in my complaint post (sort of a 'draft'). Saving my thoughts in a txt document on my pc to potentially reference for use at a later time would clearly have been the more logical and appropriate way to store it for future use. I see the error of my action and I do apologize for it.


      Thank you for that very helpful link to where I should post my complaint in the event I acquire video footage at a later time. That saved me a lot of time that I would have spent searching for where the best place to post such a complaint, if such complaints were even permitted.
      (I thought perhaps only videos of suspected 'cheating' might have been of interest/permitted - I'm glad to know complaints on disruptive behavior are accepted as well.)


      The behavior we're discussing becoming more and more commonplace is quite disappointing.


      I hope you are able to find time to play more as you noted having very little playtime lately.


      Thank you very much once again for your very helpful response on this matter.

    3. daredevil


      @StinVec - Is this still on going?  Thanks!

  2. No, I am very thankful for your being willing to help, which you did very much, and I appreciate the effort you put in to provide all of that info. Because of your recommended links I was able to acquire and access the original mp_pak0.pk3 file and mp_castle bsp file to verify that it was absolutely not the map I am searching for instead of just going off of a short youtube gameplay video of the map. I have extremely slow internet, so downloading all of the maps that do not have a 'levelshot' image, or any images of the maps online takes quite a long time just to check them out. But that is one more that I can definitely rule out as being the one I am searching for.
  3. Hi, RedBaird. Thank you very much for that additional and helpful information on that mp_castle map, though that was not that map that I am in search of identifying, unfortunately. I thought I had managed to accumulate all of the original map pak files to check out the base maps in addition to many dozens of custom maps that I have been looking through to see if I can identify the map I am searching for. Apparently the map packs I've acquired are titled as "mp_pakmaps0.pk3" and progress numerically and are not the original maps (they include trenchtoast, dam, ice, etc). I just installed that same Project Wolf after you recommended it for the base pak file maps and checked out the bsp/map file for mp_castle to be sure it isn't the map. That map is definitely not the one I am in search of, sadly. MP Castle is mostly close-quarters interior and crypt-related with three separate confined and vertical areas having no roof and open to the sky, while the one I am searching for is primarily larger (a bit wider than goldrush bank courtyard and 2-3 times as long) and almost entirely open to the night sky). The only real 'interior' sections of the map I am searching for are axis spawn rooms at the rear of the courtyard, the upper walkways around the perimeter of the castle/base/keep having ceilings, and below the surface down the steps in the courtyard where the objective to steal is located where there are likely a couple rooms and a hallway as I think axis have a second spawn down there. I appreciate your efforts to help with my search as well, and I feel I am a bit closer now that it has been narrowed down a little bit more.
  4. Thank you all very much for your assistance with this! ElEl: I don't recall the name, but Dark sounded familiar. However, it isn't mp_dark (which was an RTCW single player map that was converted to RTCW MP). I have so many map names running through my mind and many sound familiar, but I've found they are familiar for different reasons. I keep trying to picture the map loading screen, as well as recalling myself looking through server listings for servers that had been running the map to jump on and play. Sadly it has been over a decade and my memory really isn't coming up with anything more than fuzzy, vague words. I have gone down archives of both RTCW and ET maps and looked at their 'levelshot' images. I've also done hundreds of different searches for RTCW and ET in-game images to see if anything looked familiar, and I've also downloaded hundreds of maps and either loaded them up to test or (in the case of RTCW maps) simply did a quick decompile of the bsp files using GtkRadiant to quickly peek to see if it was the map. No luck yet. captnconcrete: I'm thankful to hear that my poor text and graphical description was enough that you could help with letting me know that I wasn't nuts thinking it was an RTCW map. I distinctly remember being crouched next to the gate defending my dyno and seeing the 'pillow' health and ammo packs used in RTCW around me. I couldn't recall if that meant it was RTCW map or if it could've been an ET server with the classic pillow pack mod on it and it meant it was an ET map or an RTCW map converted to ET. Merl1n: I've checked out mp_castle_siege, but I haven't been able to find a pk3 for mp_castle. I'm thinking it was one of the base/included RTCW maps. I just watched a video on youtube showing someone playing mp_castle and it really is very familiar, but it is very different from the map I am looking for. I also checked out mp_keep and many others, but still no luck. I actually just went through a huge list of RTCW maps once again for a few hours and still haven't found it. https://www.breezie.be/rtcw/mapdownloader/maps.php https://www.rtcw.info/mapdb/rtcw/ More info: In that video above the walls appear like a mossy/dirty brown stone, but I recall the stone walls being a darker grayish tone. Perhaps it was the lighting of the map, though, as the one I am searching for is almost entirely open to a night time sky so may look darker. The rubble texture in the above video is likely the same rubble texture though - it looks just as I remember the tall rubble pile looking like, but the pile in the map I am searching for has more debris sticking out of it. I'm going to spend some time later on searching through more youtube videos to see if I can find a recorded gameplay video of someone playing on the map. Perhaps I'll get lucky and find one even if it is just a few seconds of footage in a 'goomba' montage video. Again, thank you all very much for the help you've been able to provide to me already. You've really helped focus my search.
  5. Hi all. I've been struggling to remember an old map from at least 10-15 years ago that was popular. I recall that I played it a lot around 2003-2004 during college, so it may have been an RTCW map and not an ET map, but may have also been an RTCW map ported into ET. I remember a lot of details about the map and I've tried to draw out a really crappy top-down of the first part. I recall the obj being for allies to enter this stone base/castle and dynamite the main gate in an open courtyard. Once through the courtyard you go down some steps in a covered structure. I don't remember details about below the surface, but I believe it involved stealing some gold and bringing it back up and returning it to the starting spawn area. Essentially, allies attack and start on what I think I recall as being kind of like docks just outside of castle structure. To the left I think I recall a ladder going straight up to an upper walkway, but that almost always led to immediate death on reaching the top. Going in the main covered stone entrance that was destroyed and all crumbled. You go to the right and down a stone rubble hill and hang out to the right of the main gate that needs to be dynamited. To the left of the gate is a corner where the wall turns and I remember that being a constant rush of axis coming through. Above that left area is where that ladder led on an upper stone walkway that led back to an area where axis often sniped from behind pillars. I don't remember much about that left side and back axis portion of the map. Once through the gate I believe there may have been a fenced area to the right inside the courtyard. Heading through the courtyard, allies would go into this small covered structure and down some stairs. I think the objective was to steal some gold from down there and run it back up and out. The delivery spot may have been either back out to the 'docks' spawn to a boat, but I think I recall something about a truck being across a bridge over some water that is accessed from the right side of the courtyard beyond that fenced area. Really having some issues recalling specific details from my memory of rounds played on this map 10-15 years ago, let alone how to articulate those in-game experiences into helpful details of the map. I've tried searching thousands upon thousands of RTCW and ET map images looking for anything that looked like it could possibly be this map, but I have had no luck for the many years I have been searching. If any has any recollection of what map this may have been, or even if it was for sure an RTCW map and not an ET map, I'd appreciate it very much as it has been driving me crazy for all these years. Here is a quick and crap drawing of a bit of what I can remember.

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