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  1. Ghost recon

    I am not sure which one i had when i was younger but i loved it, anyone know how to get a hold of ghost recon, maybe the first one i think i dunno haha but was jsut curious is all if it even still around lol
  2. IronMan was BA

    Only random thing i thought was the breathing fire but other than that, pretty awesome movie i thought
  3. Name changes...

    What if you would like to change your name, how do you go about doing it? Is using a different profile with a different name okay? Just curious so thought I'd ask. As members, if we are in the game is changing the name ever okay? I do not want to change my in game name but I do use a different profile every now and then and sometimes with a different name for kicks but wondering thoughts on it because I dunno.
  4. kinda urgent - no commands

    thanks dare
  5. kinda urgent - no commands

    THEY ARE BACK ON YEAh lol and the spelling was off, FA No Marty Abnerdog server but yes there are commands now so no worries
  6. kinda urgent - no commands

    There is currently no comands in cod4 FA aberndog 1.6 server for admins not sure how to fix it so i figured i could post it and well maybe someone can lol anyway few other FA members are in the game as well and none can get any comands to work. Headed back into the game. just FYI
  7. {DAVS} Vs. =F|A= ???????

    {DAVS}Snitch was on our 1.6 and was wonding if we would like to scrimage on 1.6 and promod. 1.6 for Fun and the unexperienced members and the Promod for the more competitive. We told him it had to be taken to our forums for all to agree on or not to agree so here it is. He will be sigining up on our forums for a base of contact but I also have is Xfire if needed. So this is for all Memebers....
  8. Play the Objective or go for Kills?

    I think it depends on the Croud that is playing, somtimes its all about the objective and others its not important.
  9. RPG only contest lol

    This goes out to Soul and Ghost lol and anyone else lets have an Who can get the most kills with an RPG. Anyone NOt like the RPG?
  10. patch switcher?

    Yes midnight helped me find it but also the kilck will helpl to lol
  11. Champion league

    Favorite team LIVERPOOL
  12. Books anyone???

    nop but if they make it a movie then yes lol
  13. NCIS

    What he does??? man i bought seasons 1-4 but need to get the rest, havent been up to date but man that sucks
  14. Eric Church

    any one a fan of country?