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  1. well i was born in omaha nebraska and moved to alabama then i lived in italy then moved to germany, but now i reside in the good old VIRGINIA near DC.
  2. i am torn between two classes. i love the medic of course because i love healing myself hehe. but i do enjoy my covert ops. i love kicking peoples asses with my sniping.
  3. you know i am your friend so shush!
  4. i was wondering if someone in the clan who is really good at this game can like "coach me" i want to improve at my game but i dont know where to start, i was wondering if someone can spec me form time to time and tell me what i am doing wrong and how i could improve to make myself better? i find that when someone tells me these things that i tend to improve and i need a volunteer lawl.
  5. i was wondering if we could put railgun on the jaymond server? i miss that map
  6. ur voice changer annoys me spirit. lol fyi ^^ love you thought
  7. whats this? the steelers wont he superbole? holy shit lawl that was so unexpected! hahahahahah steelers owns you all! :twisted:
  8. ok now what are you guys saying!
  9. no screw that, poisen knives are fun as shit, plus only noobs get killed with poisen knives ^^ lol. its actually kinda hard to hit people with them if the person knows how to play and move.
  10. well this is for real this time dempa ok? ill make people post thier pictures. its so much fun, they just dont know becuase everyone wont post thier pic! cmon people i want to see ur ugly mugs
  11. yeah thats all i want! i dont want power or anything i just want to fricken ability to shuffle when no one else is on who can and its totally unfair. and of course i ask for a vote but votes never pass lawl.
  12. are you any good at sigs ackmey? it will of course have to contain my colors, pink, black, and white. ill come up with a kickass phrase about owning noobs or some shit and maybe a cool picture i found? i know i want it to say something like "so many noobs so little time."

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