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  1. Happy Birthday Boozzze!

  2. Hello Mai and welcome! I always enjoy playing with you
  3. he did actually kick the ball, not the boy, but i agree it's not smart of Eden to do such a move, on the other hand it's in the middle of a high-pressure game so it was most likely the stress and adrenaline. I agree with the red card, but 3 matches ban is too much, also the boy should get punished, i didn't know it is allowed to sabbotage a game (cause that's what he was doing) + the press is blowing this up x 10000 like always
  4. Boozzze

    military pic

    if you aren't trolling: an obus is an other word for artillarygrenade ore sth like that, i don't know the exact english word
  5. Boozzze

    Badass truck

    awesome special customade vehicle I wanna have it
  6. Yeah, looks like a good improvement, and ik liked the original italy anyway
  7. Hello Florian, welcome to our forum!
  8. Boozzze

    typing problem

    Thank you both for your fast respons!
  9. Boozzze

    typing problem

    Hello everyone, I'm having trouble that can affect my work on jay1, I'm having troubles with my keyboard, all my keys change in other letters, for example: when i type the letter "m" i get ";" and so on... Sometimes i have it, sometimes i don't, it has been a while but yesterday and the day before i had it again, very strange.. I didn't changed any setting, it happens on random time and random maps, and random keys, but it doesn't change my gamecontrols and it happens only on jay1 the big problem is that, when it happens, i can't type anything, so i can't do my job I hope someone knows a solution, thank you in advance! grtz Booze
  10. First i'm going to a friend and eat some gourmet than get totally wasted with beer cava and a lot of vodka and then party as if it was the last thing i would ever do + i want to make sure i don't remember a thing the next day so i won't have to know what crazy ass shit i did that night
  11. For a lot of people was this the first introduction into electronic music, this genre is called new-beat and has his origin in Belgium it's the pure basic of elektronic dance and Tiësto said it best electronic dance-song there is, enjoy of a little history
  12. Boozzze


    Thank you all! and haha God, you know I can't promise that