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    I love to play soccer/futball (For all you trolls who go "IT'S FUTBALL, NOT SOCCER")I love to play goalie, I also love to play most shooting games!
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  1. Could anyone do me a huge favor

    Changed the thread
  2. Could anyone do me a huge favor

    I do have a job It's on sale for today only...
  3. who win Premiership??

    Manchester city
  4. Could anyone do me a huge favor

    I do want black ops, I owned All the call of dutys for xbox my xbox broke I want the games for pc now
  5. Could anyone do me a huge favor

    I'm not tight on money...I'm a kid... who doesn't have a credit card
  6. Could anyone do me a huge favor

    It's 50% off tonight only right now
  7. Could anyone do me a huge favor

    I'm glad I gave you a good laugh Joe!!!
  8. Could anyone do me a huge favor

    I probably am, but I can pay back
  9. I have Dead Island cd key and want to trade it for Operation flashpoint Red river + Dragon rising which is only like 13 dollars at the moment http://store.steampowered.com/sub/12377/ I will do it within steam trade
  10. What song are you listening to right now?

    Here comes the sun The beatles
  11. Red Orchestra 2 Server

    If anyone wants to gift it to me, my steam name is majorben19
  12. Red Orchestra 2 Server

    I would love it if I had it hint hint ;p
  13. is cod 4 still good?

    Have to disagree on that one, this was the first to start MW, which in my opinion, I liked the WWII games better, like CoD2 had an epic campaign, so did Black ops and World at war. But still one of the best games in terms of multiplayer, like it much better then MW2 multiplayer especially because of a server browser instead of matchmaking, and also great clans like this!
  14. Cod4 tips?

    All I can say is, don't be afraid to spray sometimes, I know it might be counter productive, but it really helps. Sometimes it's easier to do that if you don't have steady aim Not the perk steady aim, just good aiming in general. Another thing, know when to use your knife, I have the problem that instead of knifing, I just spray thinking I can kill them and then they knife me. Also, practice drop shot, it really helps with the spraying
  15. What is your favorite sport you like to watch?

    Soccer/Futball I love soccer and Goal keeper is the best position! You like FC Bayern Munich, for some reason, my dad used to watch Bundesliga soccer, his favorite team was Bayern Munich. He has a Jersey and also all these old "Soccer made in Germany" magazines from the 70's!