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  1. anything but dubstep
  2. not sure i play on ps3,just to stay up to date with cod games is gonna set you back 60 buck every 9 months ,for basically the same game... only COD id buy is world at war 2 but that is just a dream of mine. i doubt they would make it
  3. you should just play battlefield...cause 9 months after bo2 comes out there will be a "new" cod
  4. en!gma956


    dubstep sounds like transformers having sex. should be listening to some hardstyle,hardcore, or some gabber. anything but dubstep is what i always say.... one more thing f*** Y.O.L.O !!
  5. i do photography also. i take pictures every saturday night for a club, the pay is 50$ for 4 hours which i think is alright,the upside is i allowed to drink on the job and get to meet lots of possible clients but i wouldnt call myself a photographer because i have no schooling for it. i use a cannon rebel t3.
  6. yea just start battlefield,go into multiplayer,then it will say quick match,server browser,and also rent-a-server,with the rent a server you can choose to rent for a day,week or months,a day rental is 1.50,a week is 6.99 a month is 24.99 and 3 months or 90 days is 59.99 i think its great that they gave console gamers this option, id rather play on pc but my vid card can barley play wolf ET im still having those graphic issues anyone wants to play on psn add me... hollowpoint956
  7. hey fellow gamers, After the recent patch the rent-a-server was introduced and I was wondering if this clan has a server or plan on creating one for battlefield/ps3 If not i was thinking of creating one of my own. thoughts? comments?
  8. my thought is for ET everyone should get a golden gun,one shot kills.N64 style
  9. yea i agree,everytime i drive i listen to Am station only 60's and 70's, i dont really like too much of anything on the Fm frequency.

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