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  1. ROFL!!! Make sure you got lots of oil on hand!
  2. For its day, this bike was premium. Now its a true collectors piece... Ahh what the rich put their money to...
  3. 68 chevelle.... awesomesauce!!! I'd love to rebuild a 68 Camaro. I had one when I was 17 and didn't even know what the hell it was... bought for $1500 dollars and sold it for $4000 in 1988. Thought I was making a profit >: /
  4. Golf R.... It's really good to the pocket as well as to the lead foot...
  5. SiD has some solid points on the M4 and AK. G36 I'm not very familiar with besides a bit of field firing. The M4 is a solid, lightweight, accurate as hell, modifiable (is that a word??) weapon with decent survivability. The AK is a fantastic weapon for real world senarios in my opinion. It has so proliferated modern society that you could probably find ammo for it in your neighbor's house (if you are in a pinch?). I know when deployed, AK would serve as the go to weap if you were out of ammo in your US supplied weap. They were always laying around after a "local meeting"...
  6. This could be big... Imagine walking around with a Judge Dredd "computerized" firearm.
  7. B1gM1k3

    The Beginning!

    In the beginning there was me! No wait..... that does quite come off right... In the first days there was myself, Katie Kuric, Mr Rogers, and Dr Zeuss. Yes that has the sound of "let's get it started!" Katie was quite the freak by the way. Or so they say >.> Anyway, I wanted to start my own epicness blog cause im awesome!! or so the Voice in my head says. I wanted to reintroduce myself as well: My name is Mike Berry seasoned war vet and recent Army retiree. I wish you could see my smile right now. Its absolutely the best... If you get a chance to retire, I highly recommend it! So thats todays triumphant speech. See you all very soon!!! B1gM1k3 roger that! OUT!!!
  8. on our server the heli is totally useless. I usually shoot it down with my pistol! In the case of how our heli is damaged VERY easily I would say the airstrike is more effective. OR might I suggest that we increase the damage needed to shoot down a heli?
  9. LOL Beedub! I sure did. Its a 12 hour a day shift. And it sewks bews!!! But my wife has demanded that I start cooking again. I'll add recipes and photos as well. This of course is THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! So be on the look out for some great dishes. BBIAB!!
  10. I like the mozarella so much I am now growing a basil plant in my back yard... I also planted three different types of tomatoes so I can enjoy the mozarella, basil and tomatoe appetizer I made. It was a good night at the B1gM1k3 house that night... Tonight I plan on making a German dish called Eierkuchen. It a sweet dish like pancaked that my German wife has not had the opportunity to have since we left Germany four years ago. Looking for another good night tonight...
  11. So tonight, its spaghetti bolonese with a mozarella, basil and tomato appetiser. White wine to whet the appetite and an italian ice that i've made myself. Probably not as good as that in Europe but i'll give it a go
  12. Well, my first venture was a complete and utter failure... I didnt use enough chicken broth to cover the rice enough so it was crunch on top and soggy on the bottom... That sewks bews... But it looked good as hell lol!. Pics posting soon.
  13. SO, I'm back in college after 21 years in the military. Unemployed so I have to find something else to do with my time (i hate reading textbooks). I have decided to cook something new every week on Wednesday. This Week!!! PAELLA!!!!!! Seafood type. I'll post pictures and the recipe in case other FEARLESS ASSASSINS!!! want to try it out.
  14. Welcome back!! Hope to see you in COD4 as well.

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