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  1. What is the best game you have played

    starcraft brood war trackmania nations
  2. whats everyone doing for christmas?

    on chrissmass iam smoking my best haze get high and enjoy my life lol
  3. hardy

    thx guys ofc you will, just add me in xfire then you see when iam playing )
  4. What Kind Of Mouse Do You Use?

    I use the Roccat Kova mouse and i love it^^
  5. your old game names since u began to play ET

    [$&$]Kampfsau, gzz#szkoblazz, hardstyle )
  6. which energy drink is your fav???

    mad bad only
  7. hardy

    Hi, iam new here and i play on F|A Beginners EU. I must say i like your server very much. I live in Germany, and iam 19 years old. I play ET since 4 Years, i just had a half year break and now i play sometimes for fun CoD4 I play sometimes too :> but i just want say Hello to all guys here hehehe sorry for my bad english, i never was a genius in it :pp peace & harmony )