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  1. Assasin


    Are there any cheats for BF 1942: Desert Combat?
  2. I don't know how to fly a plane in Battlefield 1943: Desert Combat.
  3. Assasin


    Classic NEEDS LADDERS!!!!!
  4. Assasin


    I don't have the Beta version, but I really wont it. My friend said that here you can download it here: mail.ru find "download Minecraft Beta 1.8" DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM MINECRAFT.NET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has Minecraft news, and 2 buttons: play online and play offline. I press play online type mu username and password, it says no such user, I press play offline, it says that I have to play online at least once. On mail.ru it's russian, so ask me for help.
  5. Hey, whats your most and least favorite maps? My are: 1.mml_minastirith 2.Baserace 3.Baserace Desert 4. Marrakesh Streets 5.Railgun -1. Caen2 -2. School -3. sp_dilevery -3. Subway
  6. Assasin

    my ET is being weird

    I recommend you not to download, as you can download viruses together with the program you are downloading. I know it myself: I tried to download a game, and when I finished, the computer shut down. I tried to restart it, and instead of welcome screen with the users and spaces to type passwords, it said "VIRUS IN SYSTEM", and shut down again.
  7. Assasin

    Ass kicking

    Well, in most servers Ive played, I'm the general, and in some general of the army, and I need to asskick my team mates to get them to their destination, like in the example I have given above. Well, I'm lucky if I can FIND a NQ server, but I usually play SpartanHaloween, and that's etpub
  8. Assasin

    Ass kicking

    I have lots of trouble with kicking. I ask in the chat how to do it and no one reply. The reason I really want to ass kick is because enemies, and team metes do this to me. Another reason, is General of the Army Chuck Norris. He is so bad. We lost a map called "Marrakesh Streets", because he had taken the objective, and stood where Axis couldn't find hi and did nothing except moving to where he was when someone else ass kicked him.
  9. You should copy the game to the computer the mouse works on, or change USB ports

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