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  1. You need drivers for graphics card according to operating system You have, Go to website, Download, Install, restart computer.
  2. I was on Jay2 with map cortexREVISED, I've never played that version before. I couldn't figure out how to remove screen covering CD drive... So, Later I hosted Game and found that CovertOps satchel and knifing will clear it! Cheers
  3. Cloud Atlas 2012 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1371111/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
  4. In most mods, +devmap in startline with enable 'cheats' like noclip and nofatigue...
  5. PB client is needed for GUID, I think(XPSave). I use: cl_anonymous "0" I assumed that cl_anonymous "1" wasn't allowed. cg_optimizeprediction "1" is good for jumping(rounding errors) but game will run You into landmines... seta con_debug "1": I use seta con_debug "0". Not sure if debugging is useful. seta r_wolffog "0" is ETLegacy only. seta r_primitives "0": I use seta r_primitives "2" for slightly better FPS with NVidia graphics card. seta r_picmip "3": Will give You lag, I think. These lines with // in front won't cause errors, ET will skip...
  6. On et_beach, We enforce 'Don't touch objective before 5 Minutes' rule because Admins don't want to stop playing to see if They're going to finish map too early. Wiki: #20: On the servers with a "Rush Rule", you are not allowed to touch the final objective for the first 5 minutes of any map. I believe that on snatch and resurrection, The objective is final.
  7. Did you install video drivers for graphics card?
  8. These are server cvars, not client, Enemy Territory has settings to run a server.
  9. total_tankrace_beta3 waypoints View File Simple navigation files for Enemy Territory Omnibot Submitter Buckwild Submitted 06/26/18 Category Waypoints  
  10. Version beta


    Simple navigation files for Enemy Territory Omnibot
  11. Error was caused by latest driver...I'm using older one with no error.
  12. Motherboard: MSI A68HM-E33 v2 CPU: A10-6800K APU quad-core(FM2 3.5 GHz) Chipset: AMD® A68H Videocard: nvidia GTX 1050ti
  13. I had a new problem in Enemy Territory. Game would quit during intermission with this error message: Unsupported marker type 0x6b I searched web and found that It's caused by newest video drivers. I downloaded and installed older one and no more crashes!
  14. Arta_b1 by Sage https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/92416-map-arta-b1-released/?tab=comments#comment-799296 Arta B1 + Waypoints https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1706-arta-b1-waypoints/
  15. New mlb_temple Waypoints View File Simple waypoints for Omnibot Enemy Territory Map: mlb_temple Made by Buckwild Submitter Buckwild Submitted 06/06/18 Category Waypoints
  16. Version beta


    Simple waypoints for Omnibot Enemy Territory Map: mlb_temple Made by Buckwild
  17. Buckwild

    Exporting Console

    Open console export file with Programmer's Notepad for a better view than Window's Notepad.
  18. Do I get any points for getting more than I'm supposed to?
  19. My new Win 10 Enemy Territory Jaymod had trouble writing to hunkusage.dat file... I would get error on start of maps: Hunk_Alloc failed on 1468268544. I tried running Et as Admin, Turning off App Control in Defender, Nothing worked... I fixed by coping in an old hunkusage.dat file that I had saved. If anyone gets that error They could try making a hunkusage file for Their jaymod. Copy this to Notepad, Save as: All Files, Name:hunkusage.dat maps/railgun.bsp 42543008 maps/goldrush.bsp 37227008 maps/battery.bsp 40349376 maps/etdo5.bsp 36710208 maps/praetoria_m2.bsp 33050592 maps/rommel_final.bsp 38410720 maps/mml_helmsdeep_b4.bsp 49363456 maps/necrology_final.bsp 32916256 maps/braundorf_final.bsp 25964320 maps/flame-guards.bsp 41229952 maps/sw_oasis_b3.bsp 50008992 maps/snatch3.bsp 24676640 maps/graverob_b1.bsp 30683424 maps/fata_morgana.bsp 22010272 maps/fueldump_uv.bsp 47596960 maps/fabase.bsp 26445632 maps/el_kef_final.bsp 28391360 maps/decay_b5.bsp 42946272 maps/__bridges__.bsp 48337216 maps/bba0-beta2.bsp 43847680 maps/uje_00.bsp 35224928 maps/rochelle_b2.bsp 33003584 maps/school.bsp 29456672 maps/italyfp2.bsp 44470880 maps/dubrovnik_final.bsp 30168288 maps/parisbastille_b3.bsp 39384352 maps/venice_ne4.bsp 41709664 maps/tits_b2.bsp 40411200 maps/caen2.bsp 33353952 maps/byzantine.bsp 45519840 maps/eltz_beta1.bsp 38034688 maps/baserace_desert.bsp 30835936 maps/oasis.bsp 47373248 maps/tc_base.bsp 25981152 maps/mp_theriver_2nd.bsp 38465120 maps/supplydepot2.bsp 26727808 maps/baserace.bsp 32050400 maps/mlb_temple.bsp 33728736 maps/ruins23.bsp 39784032 maps/arta.bsp 47882304 maps/goldrush-gals.bsp 42994464 maps/ctf_halo.bsp 32908992 maps/sp_delivery_te.bsp 34872992 maps/et_mor2_night_final.bsp 37658688 maps/haunted_mansion.bsp 32522944 maps/bremen_final.bsp 35014816 maps/adlernest.bsp 33661568 maps/fueldump.bsp 50105216 maps/etdo6.bsp 30953472 maps/pirates.bsp 26828192 maps/frostbite.bsp 26887168 maps/capuzzo.bsp 49315488 maps/et_beach.bsp 26507040 maps/warmissile_fp4.bsp 38075616 maps/teuthonia_final.bsp 40468448 maps/radar.bsp 44621920 maps/mml_minastirith_fp3.bsp 28382784 maps/uje_italy.bsp 38134784 maps/am_hydro_dam.bsp 26119808 maps/warbell.bsp 43489952 maps/etdo1.bsp 27711200
  20. Thanks! I've used mini before. I tried minimizer in ETStarter Pro, Works!
  21. fa_bremen_b1 waypoints View File Bremen_final waypoints altered as needed for Enemy Territory map: fa_bremen_b1. Submitter Buckwild Submitted 05/01/18 Category Waypoints
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Bremen_final waypoints altered as needed for Enemy Territory map: fa_bremen_b1.

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