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  1. Really decent video quality and content!
  2. g_engineers [flags] FLAG DESCRIPTION 1 friendly landmines are not tripped by own team 2 friendly dynamite cannot be disarmed by own team 4 enable shared construction XP Default g_engineers 0 Description g_engineers set bitflags for Engineer behavior. Recommended: set g_engineers "7"
  3. Map voting doesn't work in Enhmod, You could use a mod that does have mapvoting: etpub, NoQuarter, Nitmod or silentmod and others... I like that Enhmod let's You add custom commands to Jaymod. I don't know how to make map voting in Jaymod or Enhmod.
  4. Download Enhmod.zip from here: http://mygamingtalk.com/forums/files/file/3-enhanced-mod/ Right-click, Extract all... All the files(Not the folders) go in server jaymod folder. Note: Some servers use a different folder for database files... Wherever the jaymod user db is(jaymod folder), That's where the Enhmod db files go. You don't need the dll files, Those are for Windows server. Most rental ET server are using Linux. You will need to copy over one file:qagame.mp.i386.so Because Jaymod has it and You need enhmod one. You should add enhmodv109.pk3 to download redirect, jaymod folder. Otherwise it will take One Minute to download on connect to server... Then Enhmod will run...Server startline stays at: set fs_game jaymod. Players will have 2 molotovs upon spawning! You can change that in: ModEnhConfig XML file. Use programmer's Notepad to open/edit it. enhmod_level.db has command flags for each LvL. I like to use the same LvL for Enhmod as Jaymod. So, You edit enhmod_level.db for LvLs You want, Then just !setlevel again to set Enhmod LvL... Do !help to see available commands. You can add custom commands to enhmod_commands.db, Like Bot commands. They will work but You won't see Them in !help. Enhmod has mapvoting by database file, I've never tried...I'll have to research...
  5. g_fastres —enables fast player revives Synopsis g_fastres[mode] MODE DESCRIPTION 0 disabled 1 enabled Default g_fastres 0 Description g_fastres enables fast player revives. With this enabled, a player will jump up instantly after a revive, will not have a time lock (i.e. can move immediately), and have a lower invulnerability grace period.
  6. I must applaud MT5BBS for finding an innovative way to jump down graverob hole in floor and live. I know You can jump down on enemies and live But I suspected Allies wre using another mothod, Escape ladder kept getting build when there were no players to jump down on... /
  7. Il n'y a pas de carte de vote à Jaymod(There is no map voting in Jaymod). Si vous ajoutez Enhmod, vous pouvez avoir Killers HP show(If You add Enhmod, You can have Killers HP show).
  8. Buckwild

    Lagging Badly

    You use Wifi, Can You get a long LAN cable and get wired?
  9. Do you use Windows 10? In Defender, There is: Apps Control...Turn it off!
  10. I grew some Habanero hot peppers, I cooked and added to goulash. I couldn't eat it! These peppers are 76 times hotter than jalapeño.
  11. UJE_00 flame-guards warzone cortex_who am_hydrodam breakout tramfight
  12. Thanks, I had to bind keys to make Admin menu work...
  13. When I pressed 1 key with Admin Menu open, Nothing happened... So, you use target with partial name in console:#userid xxx [Submit] Players swear a lot on comm and player purposely teamkilled Me then left. So, I'm anxious to get admin working...
  14. Dare said I should be ok...I asked on Discord(Setlevel&Support) for LvL. But, I obviously don't have LvL. How do I proceed using Admin Menu after it pops-up?
  15. I'm new to Insurgency, How do I admin? There's web-page of commands: Insurgency/Source Admin Commands But when I enter into console: sm_admin, Nothing happens... How do I get players #userid? I've been told that My LvL has been set. I have Steam overlay enabled ingame. I can play but Players are rowdy and need at least a warn/mute.
  16. Thanks Haruhi ! I forgot about that circle path.
  17. Can someone tell Me how to TJ? I can't make the first jump in TJ maps. I sprint and run and jump and hold down +forward and +moveleft... I've found that If someone gives You adrenaline, You can make the jumps. But, There's no self-adrenaline.
  18. Stretch(2014) [urlhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFMFk5m_jS0[/url]
  19. Spectral (2016) War - SciFi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmC3ZhIHHi4
  20. Source files of map are needed and someone Who knows how to edit. Meanwhile...Allies need to defend, Gameplay will improve once players get to know the map.
  21. buckwild#3882 Please add Me to F|A Members on Discord, Thanks!

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