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  1. How's all going? buddy? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. daredevil


      All good mate. COVID is been shit to everyone's life. Can be better but I hope with vaccine, it will be better. Let's see. How's your DJ stuff ongoing? Share some new pics!

    3. n30cortex


      cant share new pics.. no events allowed :(

    4. daredevil


      anh forgot that COVID shit. So what you up now a days? 

  2. hey hey pretty one :3 if u need help u can hit me up
  3. i'll ad some when i got some good ones of bigger stages :)
  4. that could be literally me xD why is cheep also on this picture? it would be left: neo , middle: dd, right: rest of =F|A=mily
  5. Hey Serinay, did i read right that you learned German in school? if yes, then u can always hit me up for some translations (my native language is "deutsch"/german). But all i wanna say is Welcome and good luck with your application :)
  6. @D..X is on a love spree.. wasn't there something like that at woodstock? :P
  7. sup vidmo? ever been on I AM HARDSTYLE or Qlimax?
  8. Hey everyone, New Week, New Part A full show of a Deejay or a Band needs a lot of Know-How, Technics and ofc a lot of effort to get everything working. I'll just make seperate chapters for each part (of a show) 1. Preparation: 1.1 Concept What is the theme of your show going to be? What do you want your show to say about you? Take some time to reflect on this, and what you want your visual presentation onstage to communicate to your audience. 1.2 Design Are you a handyman? Is there anything that you could build as a
  9. n30cortex

    ET Server Suggestion XP Safe for Mods

    Thats why i would seperate the mods to sync. Sync all jaymod into one XP Counter Sync all Silentmod into one XP Counter so u got different XP's by different mods :)
  10. havent seen it yet. but i'm gonna watch it if i get some free time
  11. n30cortex

    ET Server Suggestion XP Safe for Mods

    it would be great = plus nah keep it = minus i like trains = interested
  12. n30cortex

    ET Server Suggestion XP Safe for Mods

    as i saw on jaymod all classes are the same and a guid cant be on 2 server at the same time i think. well maybe it can but i'd be totally bullsh*t to do that the concept isnt finished yet. also like in the post i said that i'm gonna test it first on private and then see if we could roll out
  13. n30cortex

    ET Server Suggestion XP Safe for Mods

    Hey everyone, I was thinking of an update of the XP Safe function on the Servers. At the moment all servers safe their XPs only on their own filesystem so the stats are just on one server. What about the idea of syncing the mods together and create a "XP SAFE SYNC" feature for the mods? To be honest, for the Admins it would get harder to see who is active on which server then. Thats why we could also implement the Playtime and the online time of the players. Also some features as Live Player stats could be implemented with that
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