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  1. thanx all its very nice to see some old warbuddies and new ones
  2. Heya fraggers.. after a few years offline i am back to have some fun here How ya'll doing? I have had some bumps along the way last 2 years, but now all is going fine so i can have some time to relax and frag all ya Well cya ingame.. mostly nq1 but i will show up at other servers also . Greetz Murdy
  3. Happy Birthday Murdawg!

  4. Murdawg


    oh no.. i lost it somewhere past years. i am lucky i could still get my key xD
  5. Murdawg


    Pay with planets? those cars are for free. when i get home tonight i will try to help you out. you got xfire? if yes. add me dutchmurdawg. greetz dawg
  6. Murdawg


    yes idd i did.. thats when i started building tracks and car skins. got no time for that anymore.. those where nice times xD
  7. Murdawg


    Should be available for beta and full. you can download a car at tm carpark. then in map my documents/trackmania/skins/carcommon add the car and choose it ingame.
  8. Murdawg


    hmm.. thats weird. this server is online 24/7. maybe try again? i got 2 friends of me (also free version) that play allot in this server. so i know the server is ok. you can also add me as friend. my tm name is.. murdawg xD Greetz DawG
  9. Murdawg


    i always play on this server : tmtp://#addfavourite=b5h type this link in your webbrowser and it will put this server in the favourites ingame. Greetzs DawG
  10. Murdawg


    Idd the best racing xperience ever. i like to build awesome tracks. try them and let ne know how you liked them. grtz
  11. Murdawg


    ah great. i have builded some tracks also. here is my trackmania exchange page with all my track. also downloadable and usable in solo game. http://tmnforever.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx?action=tracksearch&mode=1&id=1597970
  12. Murdawg


    Does anyone of F|A play trackmania? Its a very nice racegame with allot of trackbuilding and optical cartuning options. It has got a ladder also, for the competitive ppl . The game can be played solo and online. Greetz DawG
  13. Murdawg


    Hi fellow dutchy. welcome at the servers and website. have fun here. greetz dawg
  14. Very glad to be back my friend. U and reppy have been very important to me and my gameplay. cya sooon!!

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