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  1. so its you thats been making those amazing creations
  2. hi guys, ive just finished my first everrr instructional video on how to make a steel rose. if you want to impress your partner this valkentines, go for it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_Klq463e0w&list=UUw9SSx5qWfajqlNQNFqNuCA
  3. I can show you how ive been making some pretty good damascus blades of late
  4. I'll get my boy back on it once its going, it was up and down like a yoyo so he stopped.
  5. I really must get some gaming time in and get on BF, too much work and not enough play.
  6. My erm... apple peeler I take with me when I go away. Over 200 layers of cobalt and vanadium enhanced high carbon steel, buffalo horn handle.
  7. i used to live not far from there, a place called spraitbach, a beautiful village sert in the countryside
  8. Klinkerhoffen


    some of my blacksmithing bits
  9. Klinkerhoffen


    From the album: creations

    my pen knife for peeling apples
  10. Klinkerhoffen


    From the album: creations

    a few more of the knives ive made
  11. meh if you lose one snake, its nothing to cry of, you just call ole klink up to make one . ?Ill find some pics of the ones ive did since, ive a bag full lol
  12. my boy will help im sre, hes only 12 but a living minecraft encyclopedia, keep an eye out for nutcracker666
  13. Klinkerhoffen


    From the album: creations

    another pair of damascus blades
  14. im making a set of witch king armour,mace sword for me and an orc set for my boy, itll be fun
  15. Oh im just some random that has a knack of headshotting everyone with an mg lol, I doubly look forward to seeing speed on COD now.Oh and my admin will need updating, ill catch you guys on there sometime.
  16. its burr from an ash tree i felled three year back. One went to america, the other belgium. The manufacturing costs can vary immensely depending on the steels you use, the folds you put in etc, I'd not part with one for less than £150 in the plain damasc with those handles. I made some a week back from a cobalt steel and another steel with a high vanadium content, mega hard to forge as the stuff is like concrete even when glowing yellow, those, id not even try to guess a price, three days to make a small block of steel
  17. dumb q....wheres the server for this?
  18. One i finished making today, damascus blade with a mahogany handle and bear paw mosaic pin I made a month back.
  19. Klinkerhoffen


    From the album: creations

    another I just finished. damascus steel blade, mahogany handle and bear paw mosaic pin i made.

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