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  1. DoDziii


    Ingame Name (Gaming Alias):|-DoDzii-| Your Past Gaming Alias: Your Past clans if any:F|A.fun,|G*M| clans Xfire : Location :Egypt cairo Age:21 How often do you play:daily Have you submited your last 8 character of GUID in your profile:yep Do you use TS3 ( Yes / No (If not why not?)):no i dont like it =F|A= Server you play on most :beginners #1 Your expertise ( Coding, moder, Photoshop, etc) :no so much Do you have VIP membership:no Have you donated:no Will you be able to help in recruiting?:yes What you will be able to offer to community, if you join us: i'll offer my Respect and my ideas to help for a better clan Referral (Which member referred you):alot Do you have 40,000 XP (Provide Ingame Screenshot):yes but have alot of rest of xp.. Tell us about yourself: was here before loved this server helped people.. also people helped me.. one of my good friends ann!bal and puni.. i like all ..and all like me ! and its my pleasure..
  2. DoDziii


    I am ex =F|A=Scorpion i want to rejoin the clan ..if it is available..!
  3. Happy Birthday DoDziii!

  4. Hello its Ex-=F|A=Scorpion I Need to rejoin =F|A= ,if its possible My old Trial Info in that link http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/33417-trialwant-to-join-fa/
  5. Gubbi .. That was a joke between me and df..! and all were laughing.. if he told me that he was angry from it.. we both wouldnt have had the same jokes.. plus am sorry if i was immature it was an honor to be in F|A Team ! ^^..
  6. Hmm.. Gubbi.. let me speak.. 1)i kept using commands like mute command..when i was just new over here..but after you told me its not fun-clan or what ever.. i stopped that..i started to give 3 warns ^^..! and btw.. if i told you are a noob gubbi while we r both angry on each others..u wont mute me?? u may ban me too ^^!! thats what i did.. when there's an insult in the game and its abusing the other member ..i give warns.. or when he PM me by saying he's insulting and ur F|A member where is the rules and bla bla.. 2)I'm being immature ? you know gubbi cuz we r friends i'll tell u that..i never was immature.. except once ..^^ when Df whome is one of ma great friends in this game ..told me that i must not mute people to dont get demoted..in main chat so he gave a chance to the abusing member to make fun of me..thats when i was immature ^^..! 3)i was kicked from F|A.. and how sad to say "i am kicked.." and i was playing with a friend which is lz.. i didnt make him put F|A taggs.. naah we both changed our names.. so whats the issue in that when we have the same colours.. while am not on F|A anymore.. 4) the last thing ..Gubbi..you are a nice guy too..but u've been mistaken cuz i did nothing for that ^^.. Thank U..! And.. ofcourse..if i've been mistaken in something.. i'm sorry too ^^!
  7. Sorry, we couldn't find that! [#103137] You do not have permission to view this topic. ...whats written in it ?
  8. Df!ghter told me that i was kicked due to being in-active..cant solve this issue? and where is the topic said that i was Kicked..!
  9. Hello .. Its ex-F|A Scorpion,i need to know why i should leave F|A and why did i took ma taggs off?!
  10. I'm Gonna Leave For 5 Days.. Going to Hurghada..Take care all .. Gonna Miss u .. ..Byeee!!
  11. Good to let us know about this bug Thank you very much..!
  12. Welcome back SkWaL !! I hope u enjoy your time .... and to respect the rules.. i hope to see you in jay3 ^^ i'm always there..