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  1. jaie

    my BUDDY friendly

    The 6 idiots who wasted their time.
  2. jaie

    Silent crashing

    Post here: http://mygamingtalk.com/forums/forum/31-support/ try using the pk3 cleaner.
  3. clocks went back

    1. RedBaird


      OOPS! Mine goes back on Nov 1, so getting to GameDay will be a little confusing. :)

    2. gaskarthx


      I just time traveled.

  4. I would guess windows xp performs better with 2GB of ram then windows 7??
  5. Good thing you are not using passphrase 7 Characters a - z, 0 - 9, not case sensitive:
  6. Coming at you(only 1 for sale)Spring 2016 BabEEEE Terms and conditions apply, Nike not liable if it tightens whilst walking and you lose circulation to your foot.
  7. jaie


    No need to ask her, just stay here and play et with me F**k women
  8. try download the sound drivers for your sound card, or the generic sound drivers. can you confirm that it still beeps when your mic is muted in windows? Does the beeping start as soon as you plug it in, and is it just 1 long beep like a high pitched dialing tone? Does your computer detect other headphones plugged into the same port? Do your headphones have a microphone? Does it still beep when you plug them into the microphone port of your computer?
  9. how are you connecting your headphones to your computer? via usb?
  10. What's your current ram?
  11. Hello Willie, mi nombre es Jaie un ninja es la pagina negrita muy Nos vemos en el campo de batalla.
  12. describe the beeps you hear - duration, frequency, volume, tone, is there a pattern? does it beep when connected to an mp3 player? have you used other headphoes with your sound card before? do you hear the beep when you mute the sound in windows? do you hear the beep when you mute the microphone in windows?
  13. Are your headphones plugged into your monitor or your computer?
  14. I don't know what you heard about me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDApZhXTpH8
  15. are there any stickers on your case which tell you the model?
  16. It should say what ram is compatible in your computer / motherboard manual you can search for it online if you don't have a hard copy.
  17. read dates bro - he posted this in 2014
  18. When you look at the list of processes, make sure you are running as administrator; so you can see all the processes and not just your user's. How much are they paying you Sid?
  19. Try seta r_colorbits "0"; set r_colorbits "32" unsafe;
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