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  1. krAzy :)


    nice thx we could arrange a game for next week if we get enough people
  2. krAzy :)


    would it be possible to use it?
  3. krAzy :)


    we dont have a private server right?
  4. krAzy :)


    who would be up for scrimming this sunday 27/11? 8pm CET time we can use the FA stopwatch server Server IP: sw.clan-fa.com:27970 From main menu you can use ETPro #1 button to connect to server.
  5. i would be up for scrimming again
  6. Where you at kraykray??

  7. Happy Birthday! :D

  8. hey weasel !!!!! long time...
  9. As the title says, i would like to know what the FA community members are doing What are your studies? College/university? Where? What would you like to do in future? Are you working? Where? What are you working as? Where do you see yourself in future? i'll just start a bit to keep this topic going i studied 3 years at the university of Parma (Italy) and got a bachelor degree in Economics and Management. At the moment i'm working in the chamber of commerce of my hometown, to be specific in a Marketing Organisation that promotes quality food products in Italy and abroad. On autumn i'll start a master in Marketing in Graz (Austria) and hope to come back to my current workplace Your turn! I'm excited to see how many different studies/workplaces we have here

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