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  1. apply

    Your my Status? I would Really like to join F|A Clan,I will Lesson Rules of use,Or if something is I will Help,So plz let me join .
  2. Enemy Territory: Application Rule changes

    Ok im saying New application Exuse Last won ok Dont play Enemy teritory at Work. AFK go to Spectors Or Log from Server.If Something Not working on enemy Teritory Dont be Mad train when can, And Also Dont Whine When Playing . read Application!!! Free For All! .
  3. Enemy Territory: Application Rule changes

    hi everybody well i am new guy i wanna apply on forum for membership so we doing appication right so i'll say F|A rules On F|A servers Rule1.English in main Chat only Rule2.no Yelling on each other i think its my own rule but No yelling on each other Rule3.if AFK go to Spec well thats all i know bye everybody my name on Enemy teritory is Master:) so find me on beginners mostly Bye everybody