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  1. 107days to get back home as a second lieutenant.. someday

    1. Patrick


      at ease, Lieutenant! :)

      I command you!

    2. captnconcrete


      look out for the nematoads.

    3. Eazy


      Nice !

  2. 3.35am. Just got out from work and saw my name in blue. Thanks guys! :)

  3. Please no. Somebody needs to teach this kid how to play. It's awful and embarassing watching him. GO away!
  4. Wow. We have etpro gamenights? Oh man. Im gonna join next time definitely.
  5. Might be. So be patient someone wise will come and tell you.
  6. Look like a pc reboot worked. But thanks anyway guys. I changed my shortcut. Lets hope this was last time i need to ask help
  7. No. When in server i have dot in bottom right corner. So it's zoomed. Nothing to do with fov
  8. So my lap top somehow fukd itself. It opened the game zoomed again but i could fix it by run compatibility troubleshooter. Now that problem came back. The game is zoomed. And when i exec my cfg it should fix the problem but not doing it now. tried to run compatibility troubleshooter and it shows it fixd it but when i go to game after that, same problem. changed icons also to 125% BUT Not fixing this. Annoying. Please help me..
  9. Looks cool! I have logitech g400. Old school, but still damn good mouse. Dpi 1800 Sensitivity 1.1 Fov 105 Test! And you will kill like me

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