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  1. Sure, welcome back. I've seen you on discord so please fill in discordname#id in your profile. After a break you could use a refresh on rules and basic admin stuff https://fearless-assassins.com/wiki/index.php/W:ET_Admin_Basics https://fearless-assassins.com/wiki/index.php/W:ET_Admin_Guide https://fearless-assassins.com/wiki/index.php/W:ET_Server_Rules Group reinstated.
  2. 13 posterunek is more like 13 police station. Pralka is washing machine haha. Miodowe lata - you don't really translate that but you can say it's honey years. Yeah you got it
  3. Witcher series for sure It's casual language so you should be fine with news
  4. Well duolingo would be a good start for you. It's tough overall but once you get into it you can really go with the flow. Some basics Nouns can have three genders (some linguists count five) Each noun and adjective can appear in one of seven cases Verbs conjugate for gender, person, mood and time (depending on how you count, this makes over 25 forms of every verb) Verbs come in two aspects (English doesn't have grammatical aspect) No articles "the", "a", "an". Due to so many different forms you can construct sentences in order that would totally sound gibberish in English. If you get the grasp of it I'd recommend listening to some Polish podcasts. As for tv series you can watch anything actually - Polish lector with english or whichever subtitles you want. As in every language vocabulary is essential ^^ If you're not scared yet then good luck!
  5. We partyyyyyyyy 20 F|A good job! Thank you event hosts for fun gameday!
  6. It shall be fixed with upcoming updates ^^ So don't worry about it that much.
  7. If you're using PC then HOME key does that.
  8. Sorry for late answer, was sleeping. The thing Xernicus mentioned about pulseaudio was that it was auto muting itself every now and then. So first I'd check all sound devices if they have proper confguration. For et2.60b on linux I'd alsoo suggest checking if you have openAL installed. Ofc you can install etlegacy on linux, they even have dedicated installer for that. Keep in mind that on etlegacy you can do sndlist - to display your sound devices and then s_device value - -1 is for using current system one. If you still don't have sound, then let me know, here or on discord.
  9. Shana

    Inactive Member back

    Group fixed, welcome back
  10. Shana

    Redirection Advised

    Please use our pk3 cleaner: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/374-enemy-territory-auto-pk3-cleaner/ It will auto remove for you: ~~.pk3 (used for customized menu) **.tmp (un-finished download pk3, better delete if ET crash) **.pid (resets configuration to default settings if ET crash) Then connect via console to any of our servers, for example /connect jay2.clan-fa.com Upon next game start you'll have FA menu back.

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