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  1. ET-Tweaker

  2. Which crosshair do you use?

    Size 50 and magenta
  3. Happy Bday to Baska & m00jii

    No way, need to work all day theres nothing to enjoy about. Happy birthday Baska! Thanks people!
  4. Removal of maps

    ... HAHA, wrong game :^D
  5. Official FA Discord

  6. Server with no panzer

    Not sure which mods support that if you aim at the gun you can actually blow up the panzer midair. I still wish there was a mod that would support a venom that fires rockets... .
  7. Who dis!

    Who dat. Welcome back sir
  8. Chicken game for cheep

    Finally found something Cheep would be good at! Lol https://www.facebook.com/fortafyfans/videos/2116354531792211/
  9. teamspeak suggestion TeamSpeak

    Lol, cheep. Your almost never on TS.
  10. What song are you listening right now? - Part 6

    Found a nice mix from my favourite playlist, contains pretty much all of my favs from mrsuicidesheep, just love it!
  11. It will not stop Even Smokey is pissed!

    You better ship me some, with that bread reservation I made last year!
  12. What sensitivity do you use

    :^, just when I show boki a link, it's everywhere =_=. It is still inaccurate imo. Medal of honor: Allied assault, 1280*1024, default fov seemed to work for me(in ET) thought.
  13. What mouse you use in ET or COD?

    Steelseries Sensei