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  1. will try it chuck... btw F|A servers are the only ones I have problems on! edit: enabling pb didn't change anything
  2. Still missing my xp daredevil. i had just hit the 30000 mark, seems like my xp constantly gets lost, its been hapenning on and off ever since I started constantly gaming on F|A servers about a year ago. It only happens on F|A servers, I dont think it's an issue on my end as many players keep telling me to fix my guid...
  3. d33j@y

    GUID help

    i didnt uninstall ET but a shortcut on my desktop disappeared in program files (x86) the name of ET.exe changed to some gibberish,. while in program files it has stayed ET.exe... the only thing i did was when i was in main menu in ET i clicked on profile and i chose a profile from there.. thats about it... im starting to believe that is the culprit... if it is i am going to give up on ET and start playing CODMW2 and COD4.... I will never fulfill my dgoal of achieving 1 million xp on an ET server because I keep losing my xp lol
  4. d33j@y

    GUID help

    Hello F|A I was planning on applying for a position on your server, so i read the recruiting sticky and it said I should show the last digits of my GUID (xxxxxxxx) so I did, and ever since then I lost all my settings and xp on your server... Since then I have a new GUID, which is pretty weird :S Can anyone comment on this? Or help me out getting my old GUID back?

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