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  1. 1) BBA ctf is very simple and easy map, I don't know why it get removed every now and then aghh. 2) Any chance for baserace, even with like 12-14 players max.. for late night players?
  2. yoyo

    fed up

    You made 5 posts and all are garbage, better to mark your account as spam.
  3. It never ends in tie . If rocket is blown axis win, if rocket is not blown allies win . Just wanted some new map .
  4. What do you mean .
  5. Next thread coming "Why mines can be spotted , while all should step on them" .
  6. Leave FA servers.. there are other servers.. go play there or open one of your own. thanxbie.
  7. Dude you such a stalker. Each time I make topic , before I can hide or lock.. you are there .  teach mehhh!

    1. CheepHeep


      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahaha. I won't share my secrets huehuehue.


      Chickens are quick.

  8. Map Name :fa_brehmen_final Discussion: In earlier version of brehmen_final, "Anti-rush" was applied on "key card" and it was kind of ok. The current version of brehmen don't have anti rush .Truck barrier is last objective . But Allies have its first spawn and second spawn there , so most of the time its hard for axis to have last truck barrier built . Secondly its obvious no matter how fast allies progress , it can't make truck reach last truck barrier before 5mins. Key card should have anti rush on it.
  9. I tried few new games, tbh I don't like their control , sometimes I don't want to learn new games. I gave my best try to Overwatch, I got free key from cousin. I played for a week , then stopped playing it and later uninstall.
  10. @yellow flash Enjoy ur summer and life , still miss old times with you .
  11. Watched it twice, something really wrong with me .

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