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  1. omfg

    I didn't like it myself on first hand.. didn't wanted to learn , but slowly as I'm exploring features , I'm started to like new forums. fk we all old ppl are same lol
  2. Jay 1 Lag for 30 sec two consecutive days now

    Sometime a massive lag wave come for few secs.
  3. Become member

  4. If I'm not wrong you had different hair color and no beard lol
  5. You look different now, still handsome.
  6. ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    beside having problems with flameguard, it still use to hve good population.
  7. ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    Itlay map give too much constant lag , even when I have stable 90fps . Same for few other players too.
  8. Hello there

    Holy fkn shit! good to see you ! High five**
  9. I live on plains , but I'm near to himalyas , so when I feel like hiking I go to different locations , mostly lower parts of himalyas. I love to walk too ,but wow cycling could be a good idea too . I'm planning soon to go to upper part which mostly remain covered with ice 12 months , possibly in june . In lower pics it don't look much hard to climb, but I got exhaust badly trying to reach up. and bicycling could be a bad idea here, rocks keep falling , plus road too narrow
  10. Lmao , btw I will take pony as upgrade from camel?
  11. Happy Birthday CheepHeep!

    Ima shoot your plane while it flew over India to maldives!
  12. Happy Birthday CheepHeep!

    Pic or never happened.
  13. Happy Birthday CheepHeep!

    If either of us were a girl, even a fat one, we surely have received a cake.
  14. Boooooooooooom! 10 internet points! , I also was about to say post new pic, I seen this pic 5+years back lol . Good memory though