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  1. What's up with the crowd in the background lol , and humpty stands for his name looooooooooooool. and damn I have to stop my "you so fat " jokes on you after seeing this pic .
  2. During warm-up , players can vote up/down and basis of that DD can judge to remove map or not . I don't think map gets added/removed according to a particular player's choice . Thanks for your feedback.
  3. I want to see Quebec big time.. then Vancouver, croatia and so on .Damn you are lucky .
  4. @w1cx Background is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too beautiful, which place is it?
  5. Well if I were "You" I have never done that , why to black out something you are proud of.
  6. In India all ranked officers wear batch with their names on it , you guys don't?
  7. First let me get my belly in, then I will think over any learning any new body weight exercise
  8. Damn skills bro ! I came to knew about calisthenic pretty late .. now I'm pretty old to do all this shit , still being a wannabe I do some pushups with weight , dips on bars .. again with weight , and some wide chest pullups , and my lower body sucks when it comes to squat >.>
  9. why sex beautiful = ladies? and not boys/gents or chicken/dog/alien/cat/robots ?
  10. U alive? :0

  11. My cousin went to some place like this in Africa by volcano, I'm very curious to ask this question "How does it feels to be at a place , where there is total peace and no living thing near by"
  12. yoyo


    OMFG! I taught I taw a nublet!
  13. You got a beautiful girl and hence you left us, nice ! . No worries I still have vixen.
  14. yoyo

    Oasis jay1

    Even if ppl hate oasis, it mostly make server population good .

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