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  1. My cousin went to some place like this in Africa by volcano, I'm very curious to ask this question "How does it feels to be at a place , where there is total peace and no living thing near by"
  2. yoyo


    OMFG! I taught I taw a nublet!
  3. You got a beautiful girl and hence you left us, nice ! . No worries I still have vixen.
  4. yoyo

    Oasis jay1

    Even if ppl hate oasis, it mostly make server population good .
  5. Hecken got locked in corey's basement as soon he became co-lead .
  6. yoyo

    Oasis jay1

    This version is pretty easy for axis to defend and there is invisible roof for mortars . Each time I use mortar, it blows on my head lol
  7. Were you playing on jay1 under alias bouncer today? If yes, then gg.
  8. Speaking of maps , I wonder why Map BBa capture the flag got removed . 1) Very simple map , just have to steal enemy flag and have to take it to own flag. 2) Mostly Indoor map, can't complain of getting killed by constant arty/ mortar 3) No lag I don't favor much maps, but bba map was pretty simple and good map .
  9. yoyo

    Tiz I...

    You seems drunk
  10. I have very less time these days to play, I will try to come to jay2 with couple of peeps
  11. but we use to defend and then tooearly use to cry ahahahaha
  12. are you husband of tasha or other one?
  13. I like cluster fk aka small maps, enemy from everywhere bang bang bang. Big maps be like 10 covops hiding by the last line of map and sniping and complaining of no Engi looooooooooooooooooooool .

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