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  1. SkWaL'


    Oh hey Birdman! Welcome on forums
  2. Hello Dentist and welcome on forums
  3. Thanks guys! Some more i did, with a NSFW bonus
  4. Well, i didn't have any problem today. No more "Awaiting Gamestate", or long loadings, everything is fine And Dentist said to me that it's fixed for him too (other topic). Thanks Daredevil !
  5. I tried when it started but nothing changed, i still can't connect. Good for you if that worked
  6. Hello Dentist, welcome on forums Some of us have the same problem : http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/68631-awaiting-gamestate-on-jay1/ It seems that we have to be patient and play on other F|A server until it's fixed
  7. Same here, only on Jay1 too. It started about 2 weeks ago, and it took several minutes to connect. And now, i can't connect at all.
  8. It was a good time, had lot of fun. All i will remember is that Afugy touched my panzer, and it was terribly hot... And Red was naked while playing! Anyway, thanks for the fun, and a special thanks to everyone who contribued to this great moment.
  9. Specially for Exact : <3

    1. Exact.


      Dirty Skwal <3

  10. I don't like to show me on internet but it doesn't matter here, F|A is like family
  11. I like your landscapes. Do you have a tripod? If not, you should have one, and take pics of landscapes with a smaller aperture. Like f/16, even f/22. It gives more details, really more, in all the picture. (im sorry, my english is not that good and it's difficult for me to explain when it's too technical )

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