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  1. Daredevil got the servers up and running again. Beginners is now 1.8 (steam patch) and the other is 1.7. Thanks Daredevil! Spyder
  2. Thanks Daredevil for getting us up and running again. Now it's time to play some COD
  3. So I have more info, just FYI if you don't already know. There were a couple security vulnerabilities in the COD series that apparently the COD4 X patch had resolved, but this was not an official patch. The primary reason for the patch was the security flaw would allow a user to gain full-control access to your PC. Thinking about this, we had a few hackers that hit the servers that we couldn't get rid of, they pretty much had control of the server and Speed did everything he could to handle to no avail. I suspect they were taking advantage of this flaw. So, they rolled this patch out to close down these holes. Obviously their first attempt was sent out on an outdated patch, version 1.6. Now their new attempt puts it to 1.8 and is essentially killing access to our servers. I did speak to Shoes about it, and he's going to address the possibility of applying the patch to the servers. Hang in there! Spyder
  4. Yea, I tried several things, apparently Activision rolled out a patch that fixed a security flaw and as a result it rolled it back to 1.69. I unfortunately have updates set to automatic on the game, which is why I think I got it and others may not have. This seems to be wide-spread.
  5. So last Friday I noticed I couldn't view our COD servers anymore. I was busy all weekend, unable to research further until today. I found that my version is now 1.6 again. Apparently there is some exploit and Steam rolled out a patch, which rolls you back to 1.69..., thus our servers are not on the same version. Anyone else have this problem? IF so, did you do something to resolve it? Thanks! Spyder
  6. I'm at the preliminary of it, so I think Shoe can explain it much better than I.
  7. Thanks all! Im sorry you get frustrated Guardian. I am talking to Shoes about possibly adding a strategy based version of COD. What do you think of that?
  8. Wow, definitely hear the Sabbath influence there! Didn't know you were a musician, something we have in common except I have to work a day job :( Good stuff! Spyder
  9. I do get on several times a day, of course I am working so I am limited on the time I can actually play, but I do see the DFU group in the evenings usually, and some of the regulars throughout the day. I'll keep trying Spyder
  10. Wow! Thanks everyone! I hope I can live up to the hype Spyder
  11. Spyderwebber


  12. I've notice attendance is dwindling quickly. Sometimes I get on the server and there are 8-10. Most times there are 0-2. Have you all moved on? Spyder
  13. Spyderwebber

    My Band

    Hey all - Allow me to indulge myself and share a video of the band I am in. I'm the guy singing and playing guitar. Yea, I'm old Spyder