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  1. I'm still alive!

    Thanks bro, I look forward to gaming with you guys again soon.
  2. I'm still alive!

    I've been away for quite some time now. I've recently started my new job within the past month, and shortly after my dad passed away. I'm working on moving on and getting settled back down, and hopefully getting back into ET gaming. I'm also having to get new Internet so that is also keeping me from gaming atm. Thanks for understanding and hope to be back to gaming again soon. .nAbish?
  3. Many thanks guys =)

    Congrats man
  4. Banned Skittles Commercial

    Lmao. People these days.
  5. Sorry I've been Inactive.

    Thanks guys. Hits me really hard considering he's the only thing I've had in my life for 19 years. But I always know I'll have the F|A Family behind me to keep me going. Thanks for everything guys. .nAbish?
  6. Sorry I've been Inactive.

    I have been inactive due to my Dad passing away Tuesday morning. I will be busy for the next few days focusing on him, and getting him set to rest. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, .nAbish?
  7. lost everything

    Search forums for 2.6b patch. I believe it's by daredevil, follow his tutorial and it will set you up to have 2.6. Easy simple tutorial.
  8. Screen Shaking

    Kami is right just type those commands. For example: /cg_bobpitch 0 in console. Those commands will fix your problems.
  9. redirected?

    If server is full and you don't want to redirect, just open console and type /reconnect until it lets you in..
  10. Low fps

    I have the same exact problem... I can sit in spec with no lag and great fps, but as soon as I join a team and start playing I lag like hell...
  11. NA ET Fragvideo

    Nice! I miss playing etpro....
  12. A joke about a rooster...

  13. Animals Pictures

    Those are some pretty cool pics haha
  14. Camping pictures from Ol' Smoke

    I see, I wish I had the money to travel, I'd love to explore the world more.. So much things out there that we don't even know about!!
  15. steady ping but unstable fps