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  1. I Love The World!

  2. Hello and Welcome to Fearless-Assassins-Forums.Ursula ! Have Fun!
  3. Hello and welcome to Fearless-Assassins-Forums..!
  4. to all players in the world, you make me happy, how many of you who loved ET, Happy Birthday ET
  5. I Love You All...!

  6. Happy Birthday R.Type!

    1. R.Type


      Thank You, =) Daredevil

  7. Hello! =F|Amily nice to see you and hear, and Hello World.

    1. BurstAero


      R.Type where ya been?? We've missed you!

    2. R.Type


      yea,my bro i miss u too

  8. Welcome to the =F|A=Forums.."DerPate"...have fun enjoy it!
  9. Welcome To =F|A=Forum..."Ken"...Have Fun...!!!
  10. Looks good! And it is described in detai precise!!
  11. Hello and Welcome , Have Fun and Enjoy it!
  12. hello world!

    1. epicofail


      I'm With Yellow Girl


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