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  1. Frated1

    Monthly W:ET Killer of the month Award June 2015

    Server name: Recruiting Jay1 KDA: 51/7 = 7.29 Pretty much all from sniping.
  2. Probably going to the ER for the second time in 2 days.

  3. Frated1

    Please help me!

  4. Just updated my laptop. I can finally play W:ET outside of home now! ^_^

    1. Frated1


      And it sucks. I need to find my sensitivity all over again.


  5. Frated1

    Good Admins

    Ann!b@l, Maky, Pinoy. They were constants in my ET life.
  6. Frated1

    mouse + keyboard

    Razer Deathadder on some Steelseries QCK+ Crappy keyboard that is probably at least 10 years old
  7. Frated1


    I'm assuming it's too late to send demos?
  8. As some context, the streamer is called Jared. Lekti is a regular on his Twitch stream. PS: I wrote the donation message.
  9. Frated1

    Favorite Anime

    My personal favorite anime/manga are One Piece and Noragami. Both are extremely hilarious and the latter is especially good.
  10. Frated1

    What bugs you in ET?

    1. Violence. A big no no for me. 2. When my team medics throw their big stinking medic health packs at me 3. When I get wet in the gross water. Yuck! 4. When people think my name is Farted1. Seriously though, My only complaint about ET is: 1. My tilting 2. When I'm holding a loaded rifle grenade and you run over a rifle on the ground and you take the nade out 3. When you're trying to heal someone and they keep running away from your health packs. 4. The inability to Alt+Tab in fullscreen.
  11. Back!

    1. Achiyan


      i keep reading your name as "Farted One" sorry bro :/

    2. Frated1


      Haha totally fine! ^_^

      Kinda why I changed my IGN to Maples a while back but people didn't know who I am.

  12. I will not be playing ET for a while since I'm at Stanford for SIMR currently and my laptop sucks at running ET.

  13. Frated1

    Monthly W:ET Killer of the month Award May 2014

    Server name must be included.
  14. How long does it typically take for an Air Strike to go off once the canister is released? And how long does artillery usually last?