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  1. Steam ´Elji + :)

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    Vanahea! Mulle meeldib see:)
  4. Elj


    Wowww nice track from Knife Party!!!
  5. Elj


  6. A little piece of my playlist:)! Post yours! You can add only 1 song if you want but dont spam! https://soundcloud.com/drumandbass/diabolus-dominator https://soundcloud.com/ologist_music/stimulus https://soundcloud.com/ehide-dubstep/datphoria-ft-ehde-clearance-original-mix-free https://soundcloud.com/jauzofficial/wihm https://soundcloud.com/bassnectar/11-mystery-song-ft-beginners https://soundcloud.com/dubstep/digital-click-nothing-yet-edmcom-exclusive https://soundcloud.com/drumstep/fox-stevenson-manage-xkore-remix-edmcom-premiere https://soundcloud.com/datsik/datsik-getter-hollow-point
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    Thank you everyone:)!
  8. Elj


    Hellouu Everybody! Im 'Elj+ , playing in FA beginners 1 ET server.If you play there, then u probably have seen me. Im from Estonia(Tartu) , 21 years old, single, I started to play ET almost 10 years ago and found it again a few months ago. I love ET becouse i have many good memories of that, years ago i was in top 5 (www.splatterladder.com)[name Exhal.img]. My greatest fear is panzerfaust:D. I had that account accualy (Forum) named Panda* since 2011, but never introduced myself here before, so here it is now:)
  9. Elj

    Exception Notice

    Cant change prority PIC: http://www.speedyshare.com/files/29413699/untitled56666.JPG Tried as Administrator . *Always closeing updates before playing *Dont have dual core processor *Tried everything with pb .(i think everything) But , i sometimes get error like that PIC: http://www.speedyshare.com/files/29485188/untitled.JPG Maby are these probs. connected someway?! 1 step closer to solution... _______ Panda* ☺

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