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  1. problem connecting to servers

    hello i have been gone for a long time and i am starting to play ET again but it wont let me connect to the servers it says, thanks for any help. Game code (ui_mp_x86.d11) failed pure server check
  2. Helooo Guys !

    Welcome to =F|A=
  3. World Of Warcraft

    It is still a fun game and i wish i could still play it with out buying all the expansions now but i cant it sucks but it is sometimes and addicting game and will always be fun to play with friends and the PvP was fun to i use to do PvE and PvP both were a lot of fun and well worth it.
  4. World Of Warcraft

    Yeah its turning into a kid game making things to easy know.
  5. World Of Warcraft

    I had an account and i played on Eonar but my account got hacked and i missed the time when i played :/. What server do you play on?
  6. World Of Warcraft

    I just wanted to know who else plays WoW and what they think of it .
  7. windows Problem with xfire

    i got it i had to re install it and it worked. thanks
  8. I have to update my xfire and every time when it is close to downloading the update it says disconnected and starts the update all over again. it has done this a lot and i cant use xfire till the update is downloaded.
  9. et server suggestion 'Put bots to spec'-vote

    I was wondering if we where even allowed to do this so i never done it and never had anyone really complain about it and if there is a vote and they all vote yes is it still allowed?
  10. Randoms

  11. Frick's Music

    dang man that is nice music i now i am going to listen to it more than once and enjoy it all the time
  12. -VIDEO- Covert Ops: Assassination

    nice that looks like a lot of fun to do
  13. My introduction.

    Welcome to the forums:)
  14. Hi everyone

    Welcome to forums
  15. paintball game