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  1. Where tourist crime happens the most

    I live in Barcelona,near Arc de Triumf,tourist spot next to a bad neighbourhood.Most of the thieves are from Marocco,lazy buttholes who dont want to work.ive seen them rob more than 200 times,i know all their tricks.Most popular one goes like this-2 thieves with bikes,one goes behind tourists where they sit,other one goes and asks for directions. less than 5 seconds and your bag is gone.How they pickpocket,there are too many different tricks,seen them work too many times,one time even get rid of my wallet.one of the funniest are the guys with fake flyers to a bar or something similar.they give you a flyer,put one arm around you and start showing directions with their leg stretched forward.while tourist stares at the leg,all his stuff will be taken in seconds. Then again, other guys misfortune is other persons luck,last summer i found 3 very nice backpacks in 2 week period.one was in front of my door,some chinese guys unvaluable stuff was still inside.
  2. im having some serious connection problems,with internet and my brain.ill try to delete the other post. Ok,i have no idea how to delete the other post.some of the mods could you please delete the other one? Thank you!
  3. Cant join servers

    The thing i keep getting now when i try to join games- ''Error your client is providing invalidate user information'' Help needed overhere
  4. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer

    Skyrim+LOtR=One badass game someone should make it
  5. Best Movie Quote

    "Sticking feathers up your ass doesnt make you a chicken" Fight Club
  6. Filth Pig Column

  7. I dont live in a legal house,so i cant have legal internet.So im stealing it,hahaha,backtracker is awesome.i aint gonna pay for internet.U people crazy?(just kidding,who wants to pay pays). Only thing im paying for is water,4 years i lived without running water in the house,so you people dont even imagine what a luxory is water in the house. But then again,if i payed for internet and had an superawesome ping,i would own most of u,so u thank whoever u want for that.
  8. Favorites

    Ive read TONS of books in my short life,now im trying to remember what was awesome.Hmmmmm....Ok. Kurt Vonnegut,every book by him is a pure pleasure. Charles Bukowski,same ,like his stuff. Gabriel García Márquez "100 years of solitude".After finishing the book i started from the beginning and read it once more,because i enjoyed it alot. Warren Fellows "Damage done". True story written by the guy who did time in Taiwan prisons .12 years of horror for the author you cant even imagine. Orwells books also,awesome-o all of them. Ahto Levi "Diaries of grey wolf". This one sadly is only available in Estonian language and i dont think theres many copies existing nowadays.Guy who wrote it ran away from Estonia while the WW2 was going on,he was i think around 12 years old.After lots of bad adventures,worse were ahead.At one point he ended up in Germany and joined Hitler Jugend.After that,he was a master thief,spending more than half of his time in Russian concentration camps,from where he escaped multiple times,and when caught,got tortured and had extra 5-10 years added to his sentence lots of times.But,in prison camps,he was the king of thieves and a living legend.Awesome book,wish u could read it but i think its impossible.
  9. Breaking bad

    I started watching it 2 weeks ago,now ive seen all the episodes that are out,first season i watched in one day,second on another,Good show,waiting for new episode.
  10. Cutest Thing You Have Ever Seen

    Dag of mine,sorry,aint got no video but i had to show off
  11. Filth Pig Column

    http://beforeitsnews.com/story/302/915/Super-Sized_-_Faces_Of_Evil_That_Rule_The_World.html Funny pictures of our "leaders".Where are they leading us exactly?
  12. Filth Pig Column

    Anyone else ever wondered,why radio and tv play mostly crappy music and is full of untalented retarded artists?Well,sell your soul and get famous!And later burn in hell,maybe. The Biggest Conspiracy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrEmSvB-T5s Who is interested more search for documentaries called They sold their soul for rocknroll. Beatles,Elvis,Rolling Stoned,this list is endless...