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  1. Happy Birthday Zyklon-B!

  2. Happy Birthday Zyklon-B!

  3. Happy Birthday Zyklon-B!

  4. Zyklon-B


    ...girl problem...like this girl but dont know what to do...
  5. Zyklon-B

    3 word story

    earth fell apart....
  6. lol i tried all those but SOMEBODY (Act_Of_Voilence,Thunder****) never dies....
  7. futurnama and simspsons!!!
  8. How do i know when im in the clan?
  9. Zyklon-B


    lol im not into panzers anymore... im more into snipings ppl's head off
  10. Zyklon-B


    when you use the name daredevil it has =F|A= beside ur name right?
  11. Zyklon-B


    by the way daredevil when you go on servers you use the name Hellreturn right? cuz i saw another person in =F|A= #2 XPSAVE FOREVER with the name daredevil...
  12. Zyklon-B


    uhh Daredevil the server ''F|A #2 XPSAVE FOREVER'' is dead...fix it if you can cuz im waiting to go on that server
  13. im no nerd...im a geek! lol im joking...im a pro:D

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