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  1. Favorite Soft Drink

    Cola light or bitter lemon ;d
  2. Cheers to the week-end <3

  3. Trouble getting into =F|A= servers

    Yeah indeed Stabak, I have windows ultimate and had the same problem -> Just right butten and compatibility in XP sp2/3
  4. Hello!

    Hey guyz, "I just came to say hello" . And also letting you guys know that I still really enjoy your server F|A Recruiting! I am playing there since I started to play ET again and still love the server! Currently I am the leader of the funsquad of stArs// (P0RNstAr.) and I know stArs// has not really got a nice reputation on F|A servers. I hope there are no prejudices against my team(P0RNstAr.) cuz I am really doing my best to let my members know that we are the guests in YOUR server and have to behave mature etc. and in my view they do. Also I recently kicked my Co-Leader "eXam" for acting immature & whining on servers, including F|A servers. Just writing this to show my good will with your clan & servers. Anyway if there are any complaints or something against my people then contact me @ Xfire: MVDR. Greetzzzz, P0RNstAr. Cr!stianO & Squad!