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  1. i guess he cant see the member section, his status is : inactive member
  2. 250 fps are enough. Back in days when FA had pb enabled it was limited to 250 too. 333fps are ok, but not really necessary
  3. 130. Edit: and this is no p90 action. aku not silenced
  4. yes it is. but talking crap isnt forbidden, so you can keep on talking.
  5. you should post the source code, so its easier to see where the problem is.
  6. mod is still avaible afaik. but there should be no messaging system like et because the /tell command is not avaible anymore. imo b3 is a nice admin tool.
  7. may have a look here or here, you can save your player data first not necessary for cod4, guid will be same after install from his old cd or steam.
  8. similar to ET? private messages and so on?
  9. sry to say that, but it would be a waste of time and money. you dont have the typ of admins to populate a server (softcore and abnerdog server for example). people wanna play and dont camp until someone is joining. i can understand this, i was sitting hours on softcore server waiting for someone to join. and yes, zombie modded server is/ was popular. dont know much about others
  10. happy bday. enjoy your day. :P


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