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  1. ngame Name (Gaming Alias):Mix_1 Your Past Gaming Alias:Mix_1,Commo_Sutra Your Past clans if any:SS,GFU,[DoWn] Xfire : Location :New Orleans Age:36 How often do you play:nightly Have you submited your last 8 character of GUID in your profile:Yes Do you use TS3 ( Yes / No (If not why not?)):No Mic(ordered one yesterday) =F|A= Server you play on most : F|A #2 XPSAVE FOREVER Your expertise ( Coding, moder, Photoshop, etc) : Do you have VIP membership:no Have you donated:Yes Will you be able to help in recruiting?:Yes What you will be able to offer to community, if you join us: Level-headed and rational input. I'm always available. Referral (Which member referred you):ChunkDeuce Do you have 40,000 XP (Provide Ingame Screenshot): Almost(this time)
  2. Happy Birthday Mix1!

  3. Happy Birthday Mix1!

  4. Happy Birthday Mix1!

  5. Looking to join the group. I'm a Paramedic in real life. I'm pretty decent with an automatic. If you guys would be willing to take me in, and under your wing, contact me at warrenmixon@yahoo..... I have 10 years of Wolfenstein experience.... The old Beach server is my favorite... You guys ROCK!!!! Warren
  6. Game Name: Mix1 Xfire : None Location : New Orleans Age: 33 How often do you play: Almost every night(730pm CST-1130pm CST-sometimes later) Have you submited your last 8 character of GUID in your profile: Yes Do you use vent ( Yes / No (If not why not?)): no(no mic) =F|A= Server you play on most : F|A HARDCORE XPS Your expertise ( Coding, Web designing, Photoshop, etc) : Comp Builder, XP/Vista Networks,Telecommunications. Do you have VIP membership: no Have you donated:not yet Will you be able to help in recruiting?:once established, yes. What you will be able to offer to community, if you join us: Military experience, discipline, and Loyalty. Referral (Which member referred you): None that I know of. Tell us about yourself: Built my first computer in 2000. Installed WIN98 and then ME(because the ME was an upgrade) Upgraded the RAM, Hard Drives, and disk drives. Proc was a Pentium 2, 300Mhz.. Installed Return to Castle Wolfenstein and realized I needed more juice. Upgraded to AMD and an AGP Graphics card... I've been playing WOlfenstein based games online since then... It's the only online game I understand, and enjoy playing... Have played the entire COD and BF series' but don't feel at home in that game(yet)... I was in " SS" back in 2001 on the original Beach Server. I went to Iraq after being with SS for about 2 months. When I got back,"my position had been filled". After all these years, I have finally settled down enough to get back in the game... For those who are interested, I was in the 3rd ID during the war in Iraq in March, 2003...

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