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  1. Well I am going to the North Western part of the state of Maine for some rest and relaxation so I wont be playing CODMW for a while,then when I get home I will be going back to work after a year of getting back on my feet.Have fun and i will see you on the battle field when i return.
  2. well it is so nice to hear from the socilist party from away. The democrats in this country want to expand government to cover everybody from cradle to grave, by increasing taxes end fees on everyting from food to energy, not balance the budget or Cap spending. They give moneys to all other countries around the world who gladly take it then thumb there nose at us. You talk about the Tea Party which you know nothing about when it is obvious we need to get back to basic`s or we will be going BUST like Greese and a few other European Nations.To increase revenue in a capatilistic economy you need people to work wich generates spending and taxes not money handed out by big government,Because when the Government spends money it comes from revenue and the government does not generate revenue IT SPENDS IT, As for the rich who feel they don`t pay enough there is a box they can check off on ther tax return and pay more if they like. I do agree the tax code in this country needs to be modified but untill they do that it`s all we got for better oer worse. and by the way the 1% of the rich already pay 38% of the taxes the poor pay 0% but still have the same privalages
  3. Have Fun and stay sober just long enough to remember a good time.
  4. I am not really happy about the use of tubes but it does give you one more tool in your tool box. I think tubes will increase your kill ratio like air strikes
  5. here,here I agree with the General "we are a clan not a facebook. thats basically what happened."
  6. Congratz to all and thanks for the hard work keeping everyting running smooth
  7. Good to see you on the Forums I have seen you lately on the server and you play well and are respectfull of our rules "Welcome aboard"
  8. Good to meet you,and Welcome to =F|A= forums and servers
  9. I was suprised this morning 1000 hrs, signed on to HC NOMARTY MIX and to my surprize there was no one there, oh well gave me an excuse to come over to the Forums and post this little ditty.
  10. Raylan


    when you mess with the BULL sometimes you get the horns, OUCH !!!!!
  11. Raylan

    My badges?

    good luck on your application

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