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  1. Well I am off, this time for good good luck
  2. Well, let us help you out, i presume you want a gaming rig, how much Ł would you spend on it? google has just crawled this topic, our words are immortalized
  3. Woot, you're online even though you're not showing. Lol! Let's conversate?

  4. in other words, your motherboard can only provide 75 watts of energy to your graphic card which might require more, in order to get more juice, you will need a direct access from the power supply - the six pin cord - And yes, your factory installed PSU has 300 Watts which is ... not too much in the first place. i saw on otherforums that an ATI 4670 4770 would be feasible for you. On the other hand i would just spare more an buy a new computer startig from motherboard and psu
  5. Which one of these: Dell Dimension E510, 5150 or 5100 ? Hey you will need DDR2 ram wth maximum 400 /533 mhz buy them in pair to the maximum of 4 gigabytes. It means make sure you have 2 of the same. you have a PCI-E slot so basically almost all the newer cards fit into it just make sure it's pci-E.
  6. Hello yep, for the ram you will needto know the model of your motherboard, and the rams you already have in ( providd you don't want to throw all of them out. as for the graphic card, as long as you don't dual wield, all you need to pay attention to is the socket and your power supply. The model number of your motherboard will tell us the socket type which will be most likely PCI-express, the PSU is a bit trickier ofcourse. What kind of psu do you have what components do you have in your pc?
  7. Thank you very much!

  8. I can understand that, lovl picture btw:)

  9. I decided to stick with this name, since it was my first and what everyone knows me by :)

  10. I thought you gona change your name

  11. ----------------

    I hate my job

    i haven't read the last paragraph apparently you have a dog!
  12. ----------------

    I hate my job

    I take you are the handsome, but what about the dog? you have to have a dog a kid or something similar for the stoner to deliver the comedy!
  13. Hobbi, Wesker, Spitfire all I can say is....

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