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  1. The noobness has caught up to me.... sorry ! **FIXED**
  2. Hey people, Wanted to say i'm back after a long time... As some off you know i had a really bad time for a while. My brother died in a accident at his worksite, so that was the reason i was afk for long time. Just didnt feel like playing. But...thats in the past (but not forgotten) The good news is, the miss. Roppie and me are expecting a first kid in the next couple off days (max 2 weeks) so that a good forcast. Cya all soon on the servers ! Cheers Roppie ! @site admins, can you please move me back from inactive to active ? I will try to keep updated and active from now on.
  3. Thanks guy's, working like a charm. @masa youre just getting old and slow, i suck just as much as i used too !
  4. Works like a charm after a few small tweaks !! Perfect ! Thanks m8, ill pay you back someday #lock pls
  5. Jow people, im finally back with a new laptop, but cant get my exec file right. Can someone help me out pls en write me a decent config file ? CPU: Model + speed of the cpu --> (*) RAM: How much memory on your PC or Laptop --> (*) Graphic Card: Model --> (*) Monitor: Size of your screen + Resolution + Refresh Rate Internet connexion and speed: xdsl or cable or modem --> (*) Game graphics: High or ugly (you want to see all graphic details in the game Or you don't care cos you looking only for better performance.) What resolution you play with: Not your Monitor resolution but game resolution) --> (*) What Sensitivity: you want for your mouse between 0.1 to 30 (default is 5) --> (*) What Crosshair: see the picture below --> (*) What FOV you want: see the picture below --> (*) and if you want some specific binds please tell us what and with what key you want? i7-3630QM processor (tot 3,40 GHz, 6 MB cache 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz 2 GB nVidia GeForce GT 650M 3D (ofcourse playing W:ET in 2D) 44 cm (17.3") 3D High Definition+(1920 x 1080) LED met TrueLife / refresh rate: 120Hz (but when its better to lower it pls tell me.) Cable, max DL speed 240 kb/s (i know, it sucks) High 1920x1080 (can be less when its better for config file/gameplay) 4,35 5 - red dot fov: 110 No binds needed, that i can manage myself when et runs again. If someone can help me out with this thingy would be great, because somehow i cant play normally atm. Cheers Roppie
  6. Rop

    Roppie is back !!

    BITE ME !!! Nope, no flashing story. GPU just died on me.... freaking GTX260M runs over 100 degrees, and dies after a while from the heat. All fine my love.... how about you ?
  7. Rop

    Roppie is back !!

    Jow people, Roppie is back ! Bought a new laptop cause my Asus G60 died on me....... Bought a Dell Inspiron 17R SE With few cool thingy's: * I7 3630 * GT 650m 3D card * 3D screen (uber cool) and much more.... Takes some time to get used to windows 8, maybe ill remove it soon and go back to windows 7...... dunno yet. Gimme some time to reinstall all the crap and ill be back on the BF ASAP !!! Cheers Roppie
  8. Ok.... i lolled at this one. +1 for the vid.
  9. Welcome, but you can do intro here: http://fearless-assassins.com/forums/83-introduce-yourself/
  10. Stop feeding your pc mushrooms.... that will help !!!
  11. WTF, now i feel really shitty ! Cant even watch it ===> What does your baby picture have anything to do with this ?
  12. Hey people, Im a bit sad about the bitching about profit or no profit, but here are my thoughts. I DONT CARE !!! I'm having a great time, and when people make money with that it's all fine by me. (not saying they do). When you guy's go to a theme park, you know you pay for fun, and no1 is whining about that. I realy dont understand whats the fuzz about. Even if they make profit, it's justified with all the hours off work. And when they dont make any profit, well..... they would deserve it imo. So can we just have fun in here now and stop the catfight ? It's useless to fight about this kind off stuff, you guy's will never agree with eachother. For all that have donated: Do not let your emotions get the better hand off you, think about the fun we all have on the servers. Thats worth a couple off penny's......aint it !? Here's some advise (yeah i know i should stfu) @Krauersaut: It isnt really classy to slap around in the forums, trying to harm the leaders. You will end up harming the members when the shit really hits the fan ! @Leaders: Be the smart one in this messy situation, dont let it get to you. Just step over the pile off crap this a becomming and look in the future. Cheers, Rop
  13. Happy Birthday Rop!


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