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  1. Best ET server :)

    j3. Beginners for Pro's. Rapid fire, Not too many ppl. Not too much arty. Top players. And thanks to Anni and others a scary place for cheats. J3 Makes the rest look like real beginners servers.
  2. News Happy Birthday Fearless Assassins

    Happy Birthday F|A Sharing the love!
  3. Asian pop music!

    Not into Asian Pop music or any Asian Music. But I'm definitely into Asians.
  4. Post Music From Your Country

    My Fav Band and As Australian as it gets. Cold Chisel- Shipping Steel Lyrics are slightly altered in this Live Version. Hammer down the open road Steel pigs my only load Country songs are always playin' He's a goin', she's a staying Briquets keep the fires burning Diesel keeps the wheels turning Hikers on the edge of town Start off young and end up learning Shipping steel, shipping steel . . . Nobody knows, the way it feels Caught between Heaven and the Highway Shipping steel, shipping steel . . . Some men need a family Need the club fraternity God's salvation guaranteed Mac's the only friend I need
  5. Why you play ET ?

    No other game makes me become so angry and destructive. I love it!
  6. General W.T Discussion.

    Not certain but I think it's MegallicA47
  7. General W.T Discussion.

    Got a PS4 So back on War Thunder. Can't transfer my pc account but I'll go back to pc when I get a better one. At least I can keep using Mouse and Kb using ps4. Feels exactly same as PC.
  8. Musicians- Post your playing here

    So naturally I couldn't isolate the tracks but I ran it through a Master Limiter and Spent some time on ReaEQ and this is how it came out.
  9. Musicians- Post your playing here

    Sounds great. Would love to repost it after running it through my mastering gear to test myself and maybe give you a grin. Would you mind?
  10. Why you play ET ?

    I love how it f***s with my emotions. Best game ever.
  11. Musicians- Post your playing here

    "Dee" By Randy Rhoads Recorded this a very long time ago. Randy Rhoads is one of my fav musicians. I first heard this little piece on the Randy Rhoads Tribute album. The Audio is very quiet and to be honest I didn't play it very well at all but what the hey. Also gave myself a little clap at the start for a bit of fun. Turn it up!
  12. Other Birthday promos!

    Congratz and well done!
  13. General W.T Discussion.

    Will be back in the game soon.