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  1. Duke Nukem

    Windows 7

    Sitting Duck is now a functioning player today! Let's give him the fragging he deserves!
  2. Duke Nukem

    Windows 7

    Sitting Duck it appears there is more work to be done. We follow the instructions in this thread. The issue is the program must run in XP compatibility mode and the program must be run as administrator.
  3. Duke Nukem

    Windows 7

    I recently encountered a new player having difficulty getting etkey to work with Windows 7. His handle is Sitting Duck and I am here to assist him. -Duke Nukem aka Sean
  4. Happy Birthday Duke Nukem!

  5. We can reach out to them. In order to do so we need to access communcation at the quantum level. There are several vehicles for doing this but, the one that we have the easiest access to is our pineal gland. We can communicate with alien life this way. This is what the Shamens do with Ayahuasca. Load a pipe with pure DMT and you will have alien contact. You will astral travel to other worlds. I have seen many different life forms and have had meaningful communications this way.
  6. YES! This is where Philosophy and Science meet!
  7. We are the aliens. We did not evolve on this planet. We were transplanted by our Annunaki slave masters to do their dirty work.
  8. HAARP uses high frequency radio waves to heat the ionosphere. This is no secret.
  9. Here is a video I think you will enjoy. We are are linked. We are all one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6DWf7sTQOU&feature=youtu.be
  10. If you read Frank determined that this was the speed of sound not light.
  11. Yes you are the only one "smart" enough to see my poor spelling. How's your math?
  12. I don't type perfectly. Yes, I misspell things like engrish. Many materials slow down light. That is what the refractive index is for. Palladium black is the material that they are talking about. As for cold fusion, it really is much more simple to experiment with. The fact that we are told that cold fusion is not possible and that nobody has reproduced it is a complete sham. http://jlnlabs.online.fr/cfr/diycfr/index.htm http://jlnlabs.online.fr/cfr/logbook/rh/index.htm http://jlnlabs.online.fr/cfr/ppclkrs/index.htm I have done simple cold fusion reactions on my back porch. I have provided the sources for my information. Anyone with a little lab and an afternoon can do this stuff.
  13. The quantum computer that we have access to today is the noodle in your head. We are all connected by this essence called spirit. It moves though all things it is the 99.99 % empty space that cannot be seen or measured. It's called gluon by morons who don't understand it. It is called Spirit by the Shamens and mislabled God by zeolots. http://www.alexpetty.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/mod9-phi.jpg
  14. Hey T0wlie, I've been fragged by you. Welcome and keep playing. I enjoy a challenge.

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