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  1. Hey "old" mate. Hope everything goes well.



    1. kouklos


      Still alive all under control all good here!!! My old pc die  😠looking for new. 

  2. ExCaL

    ET BEGINNERS #2 beg server 2

    The bots out when theres a real players 8 vs 8 looks good. I know the bots are here to make the server more attractive for new incomming players and an easy kill for the starters,and make the server look populated,but they also can ruin a map very fast (rushing,walking into friendly mines,blocking shots,blocking exits etc.) but the discusion about the bots is as old as me so nevermind On the opposit the adren isnt a nice welcome for beginning players,, a new player comes in and gets destroyed by good players on adren..unhitable for them,to fast movemant,they die before they can e
  3. ohoh conq back,? try beg2 :))



  4. Maybe baserace maps should be set to 15/20 minutes. Now on Beg2 its 30 minutes off running and jumping on adren. Some people love the baserace maps and some leave offcourse when it comes up,but maybe lowering the gametime will help.Its still a map where the team with the most buildings/walls etc wins,so in 15 minutes it can be axis or allies ,both teams even opportunities.
  5. ExCaL

    ET the Kick options

    Think some1 already made a post like this a long time ago,,Dont know if it was you but it was also about kicking dyno. Looks fun when people kick the dyno ,but it can mess up a map really fast. For example ,oasis allied engi jumps the wall . If no axis notice it he can go straight to the guns.plant the dyno out of range for the guns,so axis wont get the message "dynamite planted" Allied engi waits for about 20 seconds and starts kicking in the dyno into range of the gun..when its in ,axis get the "dyno planted" but 2 seconds after that boooom guns gone. It was availabl
  6. Think it was 2005 ,when i joined *HoF* ( House of Frag ) An american clan with a great guy called Boomer as the leader. I made it to become a senior admin and had wonderfull years back then. Unfortunately the clan "died" and after that i started playing on F|A servers and well.still around,and yes also having a great time :)
  7. ExCaL

    ET BEGINNERS #2 The burning question

    Agree with Phantom,Flamers are way to powerfull in a small area like a hallway or a room. Selfdamage should be set when they run into the flames themselves.Now nothing happens. The only way to get selfdamage as a flamer is pointing the flame directly towards the ground,but offcourse "normally" nobody is aiming for the floor. Without any selfdamage a flamer is very hard to beat esspecially when they guard an objective in a small area. Maybe the same settings like a panza or satchel.if you fire it to close to you ,,you die or get damaged alot. For flamer,if you touch or run into your
  8. Forget the !gib him Cross,,immediatly !ban him
  9. ExCaL

    ET Suggestion Word 'pizda'

    Instead of trying to censor all the foreign cursing/swearing words (thats a hell of a job) just warn them for not speaking english in main chat,,if they continue,then theres the mute option.
  10. Get back in the game you old nub😜


    1. kouklos


      Yeah i am back and ready to kick your ass in the game sexcalinio :P

    2. ExCaL


      Hahaha still living in a dream i see ;)


  11. ExCaL

    ET Server Suggestion Anti Spawnkill rule

    Getting out of spawn without getting killed by moratr or arty isnt that hard normally.You can "time" the impact from enemie fire pretty good. Against a panza or an enemie flamer ,ok thats hard i understand. I think the problem with getting out of spawn very fast and have an advantage from the 4 sec spawnshield,is that on most of the servers the bots block the exits to much,You can press f like hell ,but they block it even more because they almost pile up at the doorway or just stop in the doorway. Thats when the 4sec spawnshield is gone before you can get out i think. Building in
  12. ExCaL

    hd crash

    Well hope it worked to get your xp back. For the settings you prefer i think you should also copy your old cfg,but im not sure about that and if that works for legacy,because i dont use a special cfg so never tried it Hopelijk werkt het en heb je je oude xp terug. Voor de settings die je wilt moet je denk ik ook je oude cfg kopieren,maar dat weet ik niet zeker of dat ook werkt voor et legacy.Durf het niet met zekerheid te zeggen want ik gebruik geen aparte cfg dus heb het nog nooit geprobeert. Hopen dat iemand je daar beter mee kan helpen als ik ExC
  13. ExCaL

    hd crash

    Look into your old ET files in ETmain map.there should be your etkey. Copy it into your new ET installation in the etmain map and it should work. Sinti kijk in je oude ET bestanden in de etmain map.Daar moet je ETkey in staan.Kopier die naar je nieuwe ET installatie en dan word je nieuwe etkey vervangen door je oude.Als het goed is heb je dan je oude xp etc terug.Succes ExC
  14. Cata ...darn your back nice to cya here again "old" nub
  15. ExCaL

    ET Server Suggestion scores on beg2

    Yes i know that,but it happens to often that players go to the winning team (because theres no place at the losing) and dont switch again.Just because they dont know or just refuse. Maybe the server settings can be changed so situations like that wont happen. The amount of players were exactly the same so i dont think it has to do anything with that.The scores of the winning team way higher.But still no place on allies.
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