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  1. Forget the !gib him Cross,,immediatly !ban him
  2. Instead of trying to censor all the foreign cursing/swearing words (thats a hell of a job) just warn them for not speaking english in main chat,,if they continue,then theres the mute option.
  3. Get back in the game you old nub😜


    1. kouklos


      Yeah i am back and ready to kick your ass in the game sexcalinio :P

    2. ExCaL


      Hahaha still living in a dream i see ;)


  4. Getting out of spawn without getting killed by moratr or arty isnt that hard normally.You can "time" the impact from enemie fire pretty good. Against a panza or an enemie flamer ,ok thats hard i understand. I think the problem with getting out of spawn very fast and have an advantage from the 4 sec spawnshield,is that on most of the servers the bots block the exits to much,You can press f like hell ,but they block it even more because they almost pile up at the doorway or just stop in the doorway. Thats when the 4sec spawnshield is gone before you can get out i think. Building in an antispawnkill rule ? personally i think thats gonna be a hell of a job for the admins to see and check if some1 is really doing it and handle all the whining from people who get killed also near the spawn and start yelling "...... is spawnkilling" etc Maybe a rule like no arty on special points in the map ,like no arty behind the blown wall at oasis.Not hard for admins to check and easy to put in the chat section as a commandline maybe. p.s I know bots are on the servers to get people in offcourse ,but i also think they are a big problem when it comes to getting out of spawn as quick as you want and when you want. ExC
  5. ExCaL

    hd crash

    Well hope it worked to get your xp back. For the settings you prefer i think you should also copy your old cfg,but im not sure about that and if that works for legacy,because i dont use a special cfg so never tried it Hopelijk werkt het en heb je je oude xp terug. Voor de settings die je wilt moet je denk ik ook je oude cfg kopieren,maar dat weet ik niet zeker of dat ook werkt voor et legacy.Durf het niet met zekerheid te zeggen want ik gebruik geen aparte cfg dus heb het nog nooit geprobeert. Hopen dat iemand je daar beter mee kan helpen als ik ExC
  6. ExCaL

    hd crash

    Look into your old ET files in ETmain map.there should be your etkey. Copy it into your new ET installation in the etmain map and it should work. Sinti kijk in je oude ET bestanden in de etmain map.Daar moet je ETkey in staan.Kopier die naar je nieuwe ET installatie en dan word je nieuwe etkey vervangen door je oude.Als het goed is heb je dan je oude xp etc terug.Succes ExC
  7. Cata ...darn your back nice to cya here again "old" nub
  8. Yes i know that,but it happens to often that players go to the winning team (because theres no place at the losing) and dont switch again.Just because they dont know or just refuse. Maybe the server settings can be changed so situations like that wont happen. The amount of players were exactly the same so i dont think it has to do anything with that.The scores of the winning team way higher.But still no place on allies.
  9. I think this "problem" was in a topic somewhere before,but i couldnt find it unfortunately. Its about not able to join the losing team even when the winning team is way stronger. This situation creates a free ticket for stackers and people that only want to get in the winning team. Maybe it has something to do with the bots i dont know,but it gets annoying sometimes that you see people hop to the winning team because theres place for an extra player. Heres is the example from today ,and it stayed like this for a few minutes. People not able to join Allies.
  10. yea because on gameday its possible to play atleast a few maps without any flamers
  11. Reducing the amount of bots looks great ,especcialy when its a 6vs6 real players already.Imo i think that the bots should leave immediatly if the teams are up to a 7 vs 7 real players.The bots block the exits or entrances to an important area sometimes .they walk over enemy mines when you try to defuse them .they block your shots etc but i think that a big "issue" here is that the flamers are still way overpowered. In a small area,like a room or corridor the flamer is almost impossible to beat. If a flamer sits at the objective like the gold in goldrush(bank) or the stairways to the gold at italy etc. If youre able to kill the flamer ,you die because off the afterburn,and the flamer has enough time to respawn and sit back.I know that its a part of the E.T game but the damage/and afterdamage from a flamer is imo to high. ExC
  12. stop complaining ,make time and start playing )))
  13. Nice list,and esspecially for the long distance maps i think the spawn times can be reduced for the attacking team.Like now the defending teams have a huge advantage on those long maps,because they can set up there defense already before the attackers are even near the objective .Again nice to see that list and looks pretty good ExC
  14. Very nice.well done Sis<3 and good luck with your promotion,deserved for sure ExC
  15. And ? Did all the fish die ? Or atleast they are in a shock right now

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