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  1. Someone Impersonating DareDevil

    Well, thank you very much! I do feel more edumacated. Good information for peoples (including myself) to know!
  2. Someone Impersonating DareDevil

    I know, i always am. Enlighten me?
  3. Someone Impersonating DareDevil

    actually, your names are reserved via SL so no one can damage your rank on SL. The server should auto kick if someone is using ur exact name from a different ET KEY. But without the F|A part in his name the server doesn't catch it. Just wondering if you guys were interested. No, couldn't get a !finger on him, not admin anymore, sorry
  4. Someone Impersonating DareDevil

    well considering its the same colors that Dare uses, and what not, and its the only other person using that name apparently. Alrighty than
  5. 3 Admins, one guy impersonating DareDevil, I thought name stealing was ban-worthy .
  6. someone impersonating DareDevil

    I would have done it, that guy would have gotten 999d ban.
  7. someone impersonating DareDevil

    yeah I thought it was pretty funny, until no one banned him or kicked him from the server. Understandable I guess because the admins were to busy actually playing lol.
  8. someone impersonating DareDevil

    Marble was in there, but I think he was just busy playing, i forget the others
  9. someone impersonating DareDevil

    yeah looks like F|A Yoyo got him, and took care of him in Jaymod2.
  10. I got a screen shot, but the new round started to soon, so all you can see is them disconnecting. None of the four admins in the server even kicked him or banned him for wearing F|A tags, let alone using DareDevils name, and trying to get admin level. The person entered the server, said, "I got a new PC, can someone set my level for me back to admin?" And one of the F|A members said, "Nope, can't" and than the person just disconnected. In the screenshot you can see I tried to PM a F|A admin and let them know, that person should be kicked or banned, but they ignored me. Hmm, wonder why. Oh well, here's the SS.
  11. Pushing people!

    oh man I LOVE pushing enemies off high ledges to their death. I also LOVE knifing enemies too. oh man, the satisfaction that they have no idea how their dying until it already says, "Person took a drink of Coma9's poison" so fun.
  12. t-shirt war!!!

    thats pretty funny
  13. 3 word story

    some F|A guy
  14. Mine didn't dump console like the command said it did, but oh ehm gee, heaven forbid that i have to open up notepad and the game at the same time and type it over to notepad so i could copy paste into my profile.... it took me like, an extra 2 minutes, and i think i should be compensated some how, like, a good job, or a pat on the back or something. jk. love yall.
  15. Freaking sweeeeeeet man. Thanks much, it looks great