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  1. Iceman


    Use proper resolution Get your own graphic settings Get stable fps Play with you mouse driver setting Affine your ET mouse setting properly Nobody can help you for that cause every sync/cpu/mouses/mouse mat are differents and cant be same as anyone else ! Find a spot to kill wont make your skill better you will kill but wont be any better + that kind of gameplay simply kill da game and follow somebody else well up to you if you want be an ash killer i guess . Just keep play watch your crosshair while shoting you will know then if its too slow or too fast m_yaw for me is mainly tracking setting and sensitivity would be how fast you track even know sens affect m_yaw you will have to find the setting that suit you by your own ! Good luck and enjoy the game
  2. Iceman


    So its not allowed but cant force cvar so what to do then ?
  3. Iceman


    SS of Begginer server Why do you not force those cvar to be at list 30 ? player make themself unhitable same with ones using timenudge i dont see why those cvar are not force !!!
  4. Ping does not affect aiming but FPS does and most of time players mistaking between them 2
  5. I reset my ip again and i can connect now thx all for help problem solved
  6. As i say on my 1st post i tried that doesnt make difference
  7. Seti just tried was good idea but no not working
  8. Same thing seti already tried that just to remind you only does that on B1 server
  9. I have only PnkBstrA in window service so i done what you ask then start ET then it say load PnkBstrB succesfully
  10. I back up and reinstall eveything and stil get this , guyz i have try everything that is already write down , still same here is Screenshot. And yes PB is enable if you want ss of this to i will make one
  11. Still not work i go to try do a registry back up as it use to work last week
  12. i already did delete jaymod folder , i even try with an ET main empty still same... i tried with no pb folder make no difference i am lost xD , try with no ETkey same ... I play ET many years now but this never happen to me before especially only on 1 server !!! Thx for trying to help
  13. Did it still same only on B1 i can connect all other servers
  14. As title say i cant connect B1 i keep getting failed to resolve etguidauth.evenbalance.com , this is the only server i cant connect to... i try all solution i found on google about sys32... nothing seem to work

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